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The following is a list of events that have happened in 2016 relating to the Survivors series or the wiki.


  • January 21st: French paperback edition of Darkness Falls (Des hueres sombres) release.[1]


  • February 29th: German hardcover edition of Storm of Dogs (Sturm der Hunde) release.[2]
  • February 29th: German audiobook edition of Storm of Dogs (Sturm der Hunde) release.[3]
  • February 29th: German paperback edition of The Empty City (Die verlassene Stadt) release.[4]



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  • May 22nd: Fourth anniversary of Survivors Wiki
  • Late May: Japanese version of A Broken Path (嵐の予感) released.[6]


  • June 7th: English paperback version of A Pack Divided release.[7]
  • June 7th: English Hardcover version of Dead of Night release.[8]
  • June 7th: English e-Book version of Dead of Night release.[9]


  • July 18: Germany paperback version of A Hidden Enemy (Ein verborgener Feind) release.[10]


  • August 8: Czech paperback version of Storm of Dogs (Psí běsnění) released.[11]
  • August 15: Planned Finnish hardcover version of Storm of Dogs (Koiramyrsky) released.[12]
  • August 18: Planned French paperback version of The Broken Path (Croisee de Chemins) released.[13]
  • August 22nd: German hardcover version of A Pack Divided (Ein Rudel in Aufruhr) released.[14]


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  • October 1: Chinese paperback version of Storm of Dogs (汹涌狂潮) released.[15]


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Coming Soon


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