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Lucky's PoV

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Lucky's Point of View
Lucky races back as he hears barks between the Wild Pack and the Leashed Pack. He sees the battle, seeing a small swift-dog and the Alpha. Being cautious, he checks out the layout. When he comes back, Alfie is pinned down by the Alpha. Lucky looks at the Alpha dog, only to realize it wasn't a dog, but a half-wolf. Lucky sees that Alfie had seen him hiding, and saw hope in his eyes. From what he could see, Alfie thought everything is going to be fine with Lucky here.

With renewed courage and bravery, Alfie starts barking insults, and commands the Alpha to let him go. The Alpha is rather amused, and kills Alfie. The dogs fall into shock. All the sudden, the earth starts shaking. Alpha commands his pack to him as they retreat. His own Leashed Pack carried away Alfie's dead body while Martha limped painfully away. He falls on his side just as a great tree in front of him begins to fall towards him. He squeezes his eyes shut, thinking the Earth-Dog is going to claim his life.



Alpha (character)


Leashed Pack



Important Events




A big growl occurs.[1]

References and Citations

  1. Citation Needed

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