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Lucky's Point of View
Twitch barks for Lucky to keep up, making Lucky irritated. Twitch growls that respect is very important in the Pack, and Lucky thinks that he'd show more of it if that were true. Lucky sniffs around the surroundings and Twitch yaps well done, making Lucky feel more irritated at Twitch's and Dart's smug faces, but also better than their hostility was melting away. He observes that the river poison hadn't spread to here, and Dart yaps that it would take a lot of poison to make the water undrinkable. Twitch says Lucky shouldn't feel sorry for them.
Lucky takes a drink from the water. Dart is horrified and says that they don't indulge themselves on patrol. Twitch says that Alpha said that if he eats or drinks on patrol it's disregarding his duty. Lucky is shocked, but follows them anyway. Dart tells him that one of the Pack Dogs had eaten a rabbit corpse on patrol and Alpha had cast him out. Lucky asks which dog it was, but all Dart says is that they really don't speak of his name.
Twitch orders Lucky to check a hillock, even though Lucky was going to do it anyway. There was nothing, so Lucky goes back to Twitch and Dart and asks if there was anything they were particularly looking for. Twitch says Alpha wanted to know about other dogs, raccoons, foxes, and sharpclaws. Twitch praises Lucky, saying he saw how thoroughly Lucky checked. At first Lucky is annoyed, but then realizes he'd taken Twitch's place at the bottom of the hierarchy. Lucky questions Twitch about the Pack, like how Moon would normally lead the patrol, and how long Sweet has been with the Pack.
Lucky is going to catch a mouse but Dart knocks him aside, telling him that they can only hunt when they earned their place as hunters. After a short argument, Lucky agrees, hoping not to become another dog the Pack was afraid to name.








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