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Lucky's Point of View
After the battle, the dogs drag the bodies of the foxes to the hunting meadows. The Wild Pack moves Mulch and Fuzz's bodies under a flowering bush. Alpha gathers the two Packs together, and Lucky is almost relieved. Alpha calls Bella a 'leashed fool', but Bella argues. Then she says sorry, and Alpha is about to kill her, but Moon defends her, saying that they've all made mistakes, and Bella wasn't wicked, she was just stupid.
Sweet says that maybe they should invite the Leashed Pack to join the Wild Pack, and Alpha finally agrees, saying that Bella would be Omega. Bella is angry at this. Lucky wishes he was one of them, but he didn't want to interfere.
Whine tells Alpha not to decide anything yet, and then tells everyone that Lucky was one of the Leashed Dogs and he was spying for them. Sweet attacks Omega and is about to give him a beating but Lucky stops him, and says its true.





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