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Lucky's Point of View
Lucky wakes up from his sleep and stretches, shaking his fur. Daisy greets him, saying good morning, and tells him that he won't believe what they'd found. Lucky is glad Daisy is happy again and asks what is it. Lucky is puzzled, and Bruno shows him what the river washed away. Lucky sees caves in the rock, and is reminded of the Trap House, but there was no cages in the holes in the rocks, and he thinks they must be good shelter. Martha says that the River-Dog must've done this. Sunshine adds that the River-Dog gave the clean water, too. Bruno drinks the water, and Lucky agrees, saying it does smell better.
Bella says the shelter looks useful, but she says she doesn't want to stay in it too long. Lucky agrees, saying it would be a good temporary camp. Bella apologizes, saying she and her pack panicked last night. Then Lucky hears a monstrous retching, and they turn to see Bruno spewing chunks from his mouth. Then he collapses onto his side. Lucky slams his head into Bruno's belly. The others paw at him and tell him to stop, however Lucky ignores them. When he's done, Bella whispers what he did. Lucky told them the sickness had to come out, and asks if they knew it, but they look embarrassed. Lucky says that if that happened, their longpaws would take them to the longpaw-healer.
Bella asks what made Bruno that sick, and Lucky says it must've been the water he drank. Bella says she was afraid of that, and tells everyone not to drink the water, because it's still unsafe. Then he hears Daisy, who's been unwilling to watch Bruno, and he wonders what now.








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