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Lucky's Point of View
Daisy has found real clean water in a bowl. Bella tells the dogs to get into the cave. Bruno and Martha drink the clean water. Mickey has found some longpaw things, and says that their longpaws and still watching over them, making Lucky disapproving. Lucky thinks that when Mickey says it was their longpaws, not the River-Dog, it sounded like an insult. Martha sniffs at the things and agrees with Lucky, saying that he shouldn't doubt the River-Dog. Mickey is defensive to the idea that their longpaws are still watching over them. Sunshine and Daisy seem to want to believe him.
While the others are distracted, Bella tells Lucky to follow her. She shows him a set of paw prints in the soft ground. Bella says that she's scared. Bella is convinced they need to insist on sharing the Wild Pack's clean water and hunting. Lucky says that packs in the wild are vicious and ruthless and they defend their territory. Bella says that she has a plan, and tells Lucky because he wasn't in the fight with the Wild Pack, he could spy for them and join the Wild Pack to convince their Alpha to share the lake and hunting. Finally Lucky agrees to her plan.
Bella also says she spotted something before the fight, an old longpaw camp. Bella says it's long abandoned when Lucky looks alarmed, and explains to him while it's abandoned. She says they could meet there so he could tell her what he'd learned from the Wild Pack. Bella says thank you when he agrees and trots away. Lucky follows her, thinking that if the dog-wolf caught him trying to cheat his pack he'd been in real danger, not only chased away.








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