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Lucky's Point of View
Daisy catches a mouse. The Leashed Pack is hunting, and Daisy had caught their third mouse. Mickey had caught a fat brown bird, but Lucky wanted to get something more. Lucky dreads the end of the hunt, since he would be leaving the Leashed Pack to spy on the Wild Pack. As they return to camp at sunup, Lucky tells the others to go on as he scents something strange. His hackles rise as he begins to realize it is the scent of a Fierce Dog. He wonders if Blade would really pursue a pack of mangy leashed pets after what happened at the Dog-Garden -- especially since the garden was full of food and there was no reason to leave.
He found it uneasy to stay in the current place they were because of all the old, unknown scents covering the place. He concluded that the dog must've been passing through, as the scent was faded. He comes back to the Leashed Pack and eats his fill, resting with his other packmembers under the light of the Sun-Dog. Finally, he rises and says he should be going.
Daisy and Sunshine worry for him, and Mickey urges him to be safe. Bella simply looked at him with her dark, solemn eyes. As Lucky leaves, he encounters Dart, Spring and Twitch, three patrol-dogs defending the territory. He asks to see their Alpha. At their questioning, he bows to them and states that he knew Sweet from the City. The three dogs laugh at him, calling him a city-dog who shouldn't be in their pack.
All the dogs tense, as if ready to fight. Spring rushes forward, running Lucky into Dart's jaws. Lucky struggles under the dogs, wondering frantically if they were going to kill him. Suddenly, Sweet appears and demands they get off him. She says she will propose him as a new member for the Pack. The other dogs shoot Lucky venomous glances, but say nothing more. Lucky is about to call Sweet by her name, however, all the warm from her voice is gone as she corrects him and demands he follows her.







Wild Pack
Fierce Dogs
The Sun-Dog
The Forest-Dog

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