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Storm's Point of View
Storm is pausing to step out of the forest shade, taking a moment to stretch her paws and her back while clawing the ground blissfully in the sunlight. The light shines on her sleek fur and in the grass around her, the breeze carrying the scents of prey. Storm sniffs at the breeze, feeling hopeful that the patrol will have a good outcome.
She felt full of optimism, wanting to prove herself to the Pack and Lucky. She glances over her shoulder to see her patrol, Snap, Arrow, and Whisper. She is glad that they each represented a different pack: Fierce Dogs, Wild Pack, and Twitch's Pack. She realizes that since the Storm of Dogs, she had felt the world change and hold a new significance.
Mickey suggests she tries the hollow, frustrating Storm since she was the leader of the patrol. Snap and Mickey had together been advising her all morning. Mickey continues to speak, pointing towards the hollow beyond the hill. Storm growls softly in her voice, agreeing that it might be worth a try. Mickey continues to speak, saying they can drive out prey and that there was a rabbit warren there.
Storm snaps that she knew that, to which a surprised Mickey asks if he said something wrong. Storm noticed the hurt on his face, so she apologizes, stating she was just preoccupied.
The dogs strategize about their approach. Snap says she's not sure about the high trees. Storm says they can handle it. She's reminded that Mickey and Snap were her seniors in the Pack Hierarchy, but wishes they didn't treat her like a pup. She gives an inward sigh and nods to her patrol. She wants Arrow and Snap to circle around the creek and the rest of them to take positions between the warren and wider plain. She predicts they'll catch about two or three.
While the dogs stalk, Whisper falls in beside her. He compliments her, saying it was a brilliant strategy and she was a great hunt leader. She thanks him. He asks if they'll find a deer. She shakes her head, doubting that they'd be so lucky. Storm turned around from him and focused on their hunt. She feels uneasy from the hero-worship Whisper had for her. Storm tests the wind, asking the Forest-Dog for New-Leaf prey.
She catches a skinny squirrel, thinking that winter has been harsh on all the prey by its thin body. The patrol digs up a nest of mice. Storm praises the patrol on their catch, although she's irritated when Snap and Mickey begin nuzzling each other affectionately.





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The Big Growl
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Storm of Dogs

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