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Chapter: Prologue

Chapter Summary

Storm's Point of View
Lick is confused, asking what is wrong with the dead pup. She nudges the long grass fearfully with her nose and flinches back to press close to her litter-brothers. The pup in front of her didn't stir. She can see his features: his small ears, the hollow curve of his flank, and eyes obscured from her view. She trembled with uncertainty, instinct warning her against trying to see the little pup's eyes.
Wiggle, the smallest litter-brother, cuddles tighter against her, asking if he was sick like their Mother-Dog. Lick shivers in reply, remembering that their Mother-Dog was sick since the fight they'd heard and after their Mother-Dog crept under the house to recover. It had been a long time since their mother had gone under the house, and Lick wondered if she were better yet.
Wiggle suggested waking up the pup to take him inside where it was warm and safe. Lick shows more uncertainty, confessing that she didn't know if he'd wake up at all, looking very asleep. She notes the odd tang of the pup's scent: like old meat.
Grunt interjects to claim they were both being silly. Despite his stubborn and gruff tone, his voice had a tremble to it. He assures them that the Pack would be home soon and that Alpha would be back for her pup. Wiggle asks if he's sure about that.
He confirms with an air of superiority, stating that Alpha wouldn't leave her pup since she was the pup's Mother-Dog. Wiggle wags his tail hesitantly, believing his brother. He asks if maybe the pup will play with them when he wakes up.
Lick gathers her courage to squirm through the grass to get closer to the pup. She makes out his stiff, dark and bristled neck and notes the puncture holes in his neck. The bite marks reminded her of the bites they made in their bed of soft-hide, but more ragged and larger.
She couldn't concentrate from the hunger in her stomach, and gave a low whimper. Grunt reassures her that Alpha would make everything fine and to not worry, but his voice didn't sound so definite anymore.
Lick throws back her head to yelp and howl that Mother-Dog was so still, the pup was cold and they wouldn't move. Her brothers join in her anguish-even Grunt. Suddenly, Grunt hushes her and says foreign dogs were coming.
The pups flee to their soft-hide bed and huddle together. Lick wonders if they'll help, since dogs help pups. But another fear nags in her mind that they could also kill them.



Storm (Lick)
Fang (Grunt)


Blade's Pup



Important Events




Morningstar's and Blade's Pup have their death mentioned.



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