Pack Lists are presented at the beginning of books, and are a list of the characters in each book.

The Wolf Pack (In Order of Rank)


Alpha—a powerful female with a pale coat and yellow eyes


Beta—a male with shaggy gray fur


Bold—a male with light gray fur
Fleet—a smaller male with brown-and-cream fur
Noble—a female with brown-and-gray fur
Quick—a young male with gray fur and yellow eyes (pup of Graceful, half brother to Pup)
Wise—an older male with tawny fur
Graceful—a female with gray fur (mother to Quick and Pup)
Brave—a young male with dark gray fur
Daring—a young female with gray-and-cream fur
Strident—a young male with dark gray fur
Omega—a frail and ancient female with light gray fur
Pup—a young male with gray-and-white fur with yellow eyes, not yet Named (pup of Graceful, half brother to Quick)

Longpaw Fangs (In Order of Rank)

Alpha—Sundance—a large black-and-brown male
Beta—Zorro—a smaller black-and-brown male
Belle—a black-and-tan female
Calamity—a young black-and-tan female

Lone Dogs

Snail—a male pup with long ears and shaggy fur

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