Her Father-Dog never led them into pointless skirmishes. He had always believed that no dog truly won when the blood of other dogs was spilled.
Moon on her father in Moon's Choice, page 16
Moon's Pack[1]
Moon's Pack[1]
Border Collie[1]
Names Alpha: Alpha[1]
Family Mate: Beta

Daughters: Moon, Star

Rank Positions
Rank Alpha
Deceased (killed by coyotes)[2]
Book Appearances
Living Moon's Choice
Dead Moon's Choice

Alpha is a black-and-white male Border Collie.[1]


In the Novellas Arc

Moon's Choice

It's revealed that Alpha has chosen a mate for Moon, the destined future Alpha of the Pack, similar to an arranged marriage. In Moon's Choice, the Alpha is shown to adore his Beta in the way they share giggly jokes with each other while eating or how they depend on each other for valuable insight and advice. This results in making Moon quite envious of her parents.

When Alpha of the Wild Pack arrives, the two Alphas create a peace contract to allow the Wild Pack in their territory and co-exist. As a result, a prey trade begins to form and war is averted.

Alpha is plagued with the same illness that kills his mate, and while the Pack is weakened with sickness, coyotes attack. He is killed under a group of eight coyotes.




Beta:[3] Deceased As of Moon's Choice[4]


Moon:[5] Living As of Red Moon Rising
Star:[3] Deceased As of Moon's Choice[4]


Beetle:[6] Living As of Red Moon Rising
Fuzz:[6] Deceased As of A Hidden Enemy[7]


Thorn:[6] Living As of Red Moon Rising



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"Greetings, strangers. What brings you through my Pack's territory?"
—Alpha to the Wild Pack Alpha Moon's Choice, page 18
"You want easy prey? Take me!"
—Alpha's last words to the coyote pack Moon's Choice, page 39
"Her Father-Dog and her Mother-Dog were friends as well as mates, companions as well as leaders. They respected each other, worked well together..."
—Moon's thoughts on her parent-dogs Moon's Choice, page chapter 1

"Her Father-Dog and Mother-Dog were so wise. Alpha was strong enough to defend the Pack, but he wouldn't place them at risk by picking unnecessary fights. And his mate, her Mother-Dog, was clever and supportive."
—Moon's thoughts on her parent-dogs Moon's Choice, page chapter 2

Alpha: "Moon"
Moon: "Father-Dog... Alpha, is there anything you need?"
Alpha: "Just one thing at the moment, Moon. I need you to lead the Pack."
Moon: "No, Alpha! I'm making sure you get healthy again. I haven't got time to... You can't make decisions like that just now. You're not well, and--"
Alpha: "Exactly, Moon. I'm not well. Don't be scared. I've always known you'll make a wonderful Pack leader. You're levelheaded, you have plenty of dog-sense. That's exactly what the Pack needs right now: a dog who won't panic or make rash choices. Please, Moon. Do this for me."
Moon: "Yes, Alpha. All right. I'll do my best."
Alpha: "I know you will, Moon."
—Alpha and Moon Moon's Choice, page chapter 4

Alpha: "Well done, Hunter! Your day was good, then?"
Hunter: "It was, Alpha. Plentiful prey, although some of it was too fast for the rest of the patrol."
Alpha: "Still, you've all done a fine job. The Pack will eat well tonight."
—Alpha praising Hunter and his patrol Moon's Choice, page chapter 1

Mulch: "Strange dogs, sniffing around our territory!""
Alpha: "Where?"
Pebble: "Over by the stream. So they're taking all our water as well."
Alpha: "I doubt they'll drink it dry, Pebble, but let's go as a Pack and see what they're after. We don't want trouble if we can help it, but we don't want a strange Pack muscling in on our territory, either."
Beta: "It could be that they're just passing through, and needed to drink."
Alpha: "It could, so let's play it cool for now. But we should certainly put on a show of strength, just to let them see our Pack isn't here for the taking. All dogs in the camp who are not with pup, follow me."
—Alpha leading his Pack Moon's Choice, page chapter 2

"This territory is ours. We've lived here peacefully for many journeys of the Moon-Dog: for three IceWinds and four Long Light seasons. But large as our Pack is, we don't take more territory then we need. There is plenty of good territory beyond ours, and I know you won't have any problem finding a place to live. Our Pack will certainly not contest your right to land that doesn't belong to us."
—Alpha to the Alpha of the Wild Pack Moon's Choice, page chapter 2

"Don't worry. I don't want a fight with these dogs, but if they ask for it, we'll happily give them one."
—Alpha Moon's Choice, page chapter 2

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