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Honestly, Bella, I'm not that bothered. Maybe I should worry more, but who cares about them? I don't care what they think or what they say. Not when I'm this happy.
— Arrow to Bella in A Pack Divided, page 159
Arrow and Bella's Pack[1]
Fierce Dogs[2], Wild Pack[3]
Doberman Pinscher[4]
Names Fierce Dogs: Arrow[2]
Member: Arrow[3]
Hunter: Arrow[5]
Family Mate: Bella
Sister: Unnamed
Rank Positions
Rank Hunter[5]
Book Appearances
Living The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided, Dead of Night, Into the Shadows
Dead N/A

Arrow is a short-haired,[6] sleek,[7] muscular,[8] black and tan male Fierce Dog[2] with brown eyes,[9] a shining coat,[10] firm jaws,[8] and pointed ears,[11] one of which is torn.[12]


In the Original Series

The Broken Path

Arrow does not formally appear in The Broken Path but is listed in the Pack List.

The Endless Lake

Arrow does not appear in The Endless Lake, but is listed in the Pack List.

Storm of Dogs

Arrow is seen when Lucky is trapped in the cave. Blade calls to him to get driftwood to block all of Lucky's exits. He does as he is told.
Later, he is seen watching the Wild Pack. Lucky sees him and attacks Arrow, and calls for the rest of the Pack to come. Arrow pleads for them not to kill him, and explains that he wants to join their Pack. He also says that Blade has gone mad and killed Fang and Wiggle. He tells the Pack that Whine told the Fierce Dogs about their plan. The Wild Pack decides not to kill Arrow, and that he can stay with their Pack for now.
When the Fierce Dogs come to meet the Wild Pack, Sweet explains that some dogs were tired of how Blade treated her Pack, and uses Arrow as an example. Blade howls that she will kill Arrow because of his betrayal. Later, as the fight begins, Dagger throws him against a tree and bites Arrow's neck. Lucky tries to help him, but gets interrupted several times during the process. He ends up getting saved by Bella. Later during the battle, as Storm starts to sink under the ice, Arrow dives down to help her, along with some other dogs of Sweet's and Twitch's Packs.
When the battle ends, Sweet accepts Arrow into her Pack, as he was shown to be loyal to the Wild Pack when the Fierce Dogs arrived.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

Arrow is hunting with Storm, Snap, Whisper and Mickey. As the dogs hunt, he is in position to catch one of the fattest hares. However, him being a Fierce Dog unnerves Whisper and the catch is ruined. He bristles at his Packmates, who tell him they could not trust a Fierce Dog after all that had happened.
Full of resentment, Arrow picks up one of the dead rabbits and paces back to the camp.
More Coming Soon

Dead of Night

Coming Soon

Into the Shadows

Coming Soon


  • He will have a major role in The Gathering Darkness arc.[13]
  • Gillian would love to know Arrow's back story in a novella, but thinks that it wouldn't be very long. However, she would love to know why he started to have his crisis of conscience about being in Blade's Pack, what happened to him, and what he was told to do.[14]
  • Gillian is fascinated by Arrow and who he will become mates with.[15]




Bella:[16] Living As of Dead of Night


Unnamed Fierce Dog:[17] Deceased



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"Thank you, Alpha. I will do as I am told and make every effort to prove my loyalty to you. You too, Beta."
—Arrow to Sweet and Lucky Storm of Dogs (book), page 264

"I hate betraying the dogs I've grown up with, but I can't go along with Blade. I had my doubts when she spoke about the Growl. I'd heard about what she'd done to Wiggle. But then I saw it-- I saw her kill Fang with my own eyes. After that I couldn't be in her pack anymore."
—Arrow Storm of Dogs (book), page 209

"But no dog in this Pack will ever understand what it means to be a Fierce Dog. To have all this strength and power, and yet have to hold it down, all the time! That control needs another kind of strength, doesn't it? If the others knew what a struggle you face, and how well you succeed, they'd respect you a lot more."
—Arrow to Storm A Pack Divided, page 154

"Wait just a minute! Arrow betrayed the Fierce Dogs to save all of us! You've got no reason to blame him. And he couldn't have sabotaged the prey—I know it! I've been with him the whole time, ever since the hunters brought it back to camp."
—Bella, defending Arrow Into the Shadows, page 13

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