The longpaws will pay for this! They are not like my masters. My masters were good, and strong, and clever. But my masters are gone, and I am a Free Dog now. No creature keeps Axe in a cage!
— Axe in The Broken Path, page 263
Fierce Dogs[1]
Fierce Dogs[1]
Doberman Pinscher[2]
Names Member: Axe[1]
Family Unknown
Rank Positions
Rank Member[1]
Book Appearances
Living The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs
Dead N/A

Axe is a huge,[4] large[1] dark[5] black-and-brown male Fierce Dog[1] with black eyes,[6] pricked,[5] trimmed ears, bare patches on his flank,[6] and a pointed snout.[5]


In the Original Series

The Broken Path

Axe is captured by longpaws and taken back to the Fierce Dog Garden. He is put in a Trap House with other animals. When he is rescued, he questions the group on who they are. Lucky asks if he is insulting them. Axe denies his claim but then thanks them and states that Lick must be a pup of Morningstar. After, he says he'll tear the longpaws apart for capturing and experimenting on him. Lick is in consensus with the other Fierce Dog that the longpaws should be punished for feeding the creatures ill water, but Lucky disagrees. The group tries to convince Axe not to confront the longpaws, and to simply go back to Blade's Pack. However, he doesn't agree, and they leave him after he gets captured once again by the longpaws.

The Endless Lake

Axe does not formally appear in The Endless Lake but is listed in the Pack List.

Storm of Dogs

Axe does not formally appear in Storm of Dogs but is listed in the Pack List.


Lucky: "Are you insulting us? When we've just set you free?"
Axe: "No. I just never thought I'd be reduced to this."
Bella: "Oh, you're welcome."
—Axe, Lucky, and Bella The Broken Path, page 263

"So I've been rescued by... who? Or should I say, what?"
—Axe to his rescuers The Broken Path, page 262

Fiery: "My friend Lucky speaks sense. We're getting out of this awful place -- not hanging around to take vengeance and get caught again."
Axe: "Have you mutts gone mad? No longpaw gets away with treating a Fierce Dog like this! They've had us cowering here -- don't you care? Because I do, and I'll show them what real fear is!"
—Axe, Fiery, and Lucky The Broken Path, page 263

"You're one of Morningstar's pups, aren't you? Yet you're a traitor to your own kind! We Fierce Dogs do not take orders from lesser dogs!"
—Axe to Lick The Broken Path, page 264

"You're right. This dog Lucky is not to blame. I should turn my anger on the ones who deserve it. The longpaws who locked me in here!"
—Axe The Broken Path, page 265

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