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"We know a little about what lies inland. And down the coast of the Endless Lake, toward the old longpaw town. Those aren't good places for us, I think, so we'll travel up the coast instead. We'll follow the shoreline past the tall house, the one with the light on its top. We'll head into the hills. Perhaps a better life will be waiting for us there. A safer life."
Arrow to Storm and Lucky about leaving in Into the Shadows, page 250

Arrow and Bella's Pack is a Pack in the The Gathering Darkness arc of the Survivors series.


Arrow and Bella's Pack was created in the book Into the Shadows.[1] There had been hostility in the Wild Pack for many moons due to dangers and accusations. Many dogs believed that Arrow was the bad dog who had hurt their Pack, due to him being a Fierce Dog.[2] Eventually, Arrow was unable to bear any more accusations and announced that he would leave the Wild Pack.[3] His mate, Bella, left the Pack with him.[4] Bella and Arrow made their camp near the old Fierce Dogs cave.[5]

Eventually, Arrow and Bella had to leave their camp, as they were competing with the Wild Pack for territory and prey, and there are dangers from coyotes, foxes, and longpaws.[6] Bella and Arrow are also expecting pups.[7] They were planning to travel up the coast of the Endless Lake and head into the hills.[8] Neither have been seen since.


Into the Shadows

Arrow was being called the traitor because he is a Fierce Dog. One day, Arrow decides to leave the Wild Pack because he says he isn't liked by many dogs. Bella doesn't want Arrow to leave, so she decides that she will join Arrow. Storm and Lucky search for Bella and Arrow and finds them in the Fierce Dog Cave. 

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