We've driven them farther into the mountains. They won't be back to raid the Rancher's sheep. We made sure of that, even though they'd have been too frightened anyway.
— Belle to Dog about the Wolf Pack in Alpha's Tale, page 41
Longpaw Fangs[1]
Training Farm[2]
Doberman Pinscher[3]
Names Member: Belle[1]
Family Unknown
Rank Positions
Rank Member[1]
Book Appearances
Living Alpha's Tale
Dead N/A

Belle is a slender,[5] black-and-tan female[1] with a shining coat,[5] and ears trimmed to an erect point.[6]


In the Novellas Arc

Alpha's Tale

Belle is a member of the Longpaw Fangs. She fights against the Wolf Pack alongside her fellow Fierce Dogs
Later on when Dog is captured, Belle is introduced by Sundance. When distant, mournful wolf howling echoed towards the Ranch, Belle turned tense with the others, her hindquarters shivering. She forms up with the others to go wolf-hunting. In the distance, her barks are heard among the others as they chase the wolves far into the mountains.
Belle confirms the success of their mission when they regroup with Dog, her head cocked with contempt. She barks that they drove them deeper farther into the mountains and they won't be back to raid the Rancher's sheep anymore and were too frightened anyways. She along with the others turn contemptuously and pace out of the barn, leaving Dog behind.
After another day of herding, Belle shoots Dog a filthy look for being successful at his job. She is settled by the Rancher along with the other Longpaw Fangs as they watch the Rancher promote Dog to patrol the night.
When Wolf and Calamity are unsuccessful in attacking a coyote that killed on of the Rancher's chicken, Belle and Zorro jump on the creature and kill it. Belle and the others surround Wolf and Calamity for their failed job. Belle and Zorro lower their forequarters and snarl.
During Wolf's punishment, Belle and Zorro have to leap for the half-wolf and pin him down for his punishment. After his is done, Belle and Zorro hold Wolf down to stay from struggling as Calamity accepted her punishment without a fight. They release Wolf contemptuously and head to the barn door for praise from the Rancher.
Later on, the Longpaw Fangs chase Wolf as he tries to flee the Ranch, but the Fierce Dogs are unsuccessful in preventing his escape.


  • Belle's name means "beauty" in French.[7]
  • Gillian thinks that Belle and her friends are still alive, somewhere.[8]


"He knew he'd turned out to be very good at his job, and Sundance and his cronies had never quite forgive him for it, or Calamity for liking him. Even now Belle was shooting him a filthy look."
—Narrator on Belle's new opinion on Wolf Alpha's Tale, page 50

"Zorro and Belle lowered their forequarters and snarled as Sundance took another pace forward."
—Narrator on Belle before Wolf's punishment Alpha's Tale, page 54

"But before he could respond, Zorro and Belle sprang for him, knocking him to the ground and pinning him down with their powerful forequarters. Wolf struggled, snapping and twisting, but there were two Fierce Dogs on him and they were strong."
—Narrator on Belle and Zorro attacking Wolf Alpha's Tale, page 56

"This is my family. The Rancher. Sundance and Zorro and Belle. Whatever else they are, they're my Pack."
—Calamity to Wolf about Belle and her Pack Alpha's Tale, page 59

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