If you had left the others to suffer, Moon, you would not have been a Pack dog at all.
— Beta to Moon in her dream in Moon's Choice, chapter 9
Moon's Pack[1]
Moon's Pack[1]
Border Collie[1]
Names Beta: Beta[1]
Family Mate: Alpha

Daughters: Moon, Star

Rank Positions
Rank Beta[1]
Deceased (illness)[2]
Book Appearances
Living Moon's Choice
Dead Moon's Choice

Beta is a black-and-white female Border Collie.[1]


In the Novellas Arc

Moon's Choice

When it is almost night, Moon notes that the last duties of the day are being complete, and she thinks that after the Pack eats, there would be time to talk about the day to her Mother-Dog and Father-Dog. The two are heard in the the den, discussion serious Pack life issues in low voices, and Moon knows that as the Alpha and Beta of the Pack, her parent-dogs' duties come first.
When Hunter returns to camp from a patrol, Moon is glad that her parent-dogs chose him to be her future mate. She thinks that she will go on making her Father-Dog and Mother-Dog proud, and show gratitude to them and her favor to Hunter, despite Star's complaints. The farm dog thinks that although she doesn't always like Hunter's personality, it felt like disloyalty to her parent-dogs to think critically of him.
The Pack gets ready to eat, and Alpha and Beta claim the first share, taking a rabbit between them, though leaving plenty of other prey for the other dogs. After the Pack is finished eating, Moon glances at her parent-dogs, who huff quietly together at a joke. Alpha is seen muttering something in Beta's ear, who in playful impatience bats his nose with a gentle paw. Moon thinks that they have a connection, and that her parent-dogs are friends and companions, as well as mates and leaders. She notes that they respect each other and work well together.
When another Pack is reported to be near their territory and stream, Alpha says that they should see what they are after, and Beta counsels that they could be just passing through, and needed to drink. Alpha agrees, but states that they should still put on a show of strength. Moon reflects on how her Father-Dog and Mother-Dog are so wise, and thinks that her Mother-Dog is clever and supportive. When Alpha halts as they near the stream, Beta moves forward to stand at his side. When Moon's Father-Dog asks what they are doing in their Pack territory, the Alpha of the other Pack states that they aren't traveling, but looking for new territory, and that that area seems perfect. At this, Moon's Mother-Dog is heard sucking in a shocked breath. The other Alpha begins to pace back and forth, and Moon admires how calm her parent-dogs are. Both are very still, but their paws remain firm planted on the ground, hackles slightly risen. Moon notes that the Pack has growl large and strong under their levelheaded leadership.
Fiery suggests that they split the prey fairly instead of compete, and the half-wolf agrees that that was his plan, and swivels his head back to Moon's parent-dogs, questions if they agree to his plan or if they will fight. Alpha asks his Pack what they think. He mentions that Fiery is a smart dog, and Beta dryly growls that he is smarter that his leader. Alpha gives her an affectionate lick, and she adds that they have a lot of dogs to feed, and that the Alpha and his two biggest Packmates look like strong hunters. After Moon, Hunter, and Mulch also put in their opinions, Alpha and Beta exchange long glances. Moon knows that this is their way of consulting each other, as the two are so close that a glance could say everything.
After the decision has been decided, Moon hurries after her Father-Dog and Mother-Dog, where she hears Alpha tell his Beta that he liked Fiery, and advised his Alpha without being disrespectful.
When Moon finds out that Star has caught Fly's sickness, she races to her parent-dogs' den and exclaims for her Mother-Dog in panic. However, she remembers that she isn't a pup anymore, and calls Beta and Alpha, stating that Star is very sick. Her Mother-Dog springs to her paws, and when Moon reports that her sister is worse than Fly yesterday, Beta hurries out past Moon, eyes sparking with anxiety.
As Beta and Moon squirm inside Star's den, Snap and Omega come bounding over as well. Moon is anxious as she waits for her Mother-Dog's verdict. The Beta nuzzles Star, and finally reassures Moon that it is all right, giving Star's ear a last gentle lick. She explains that Star has a sickness, but one that she has seen before. Beta adds that it looks terrible, but that dogs always recover from it. Moon exclaims that her sister is very hot and her breathing is bad, and looks from her Mother-Dog to Star. Alpha soothes that Star and Fly are young and will get better, and Beta pads back to Moon and nuzzles her neck, agreeing that her Father-Dog is right. She says that the sickness sometimes strikes, but doesn't stay forever, and isn't fatal.
Alpha assigns the Omega with tasks, and sends him to bring water, and Moon frets about Star again. However, Beta tells her daughter that Star will be fine, and licks Moon's anxious face. She suggests giving her litter-sister some breathing room, and Moon agrees, deciding that if her parent-dogs are calm, there must be no need to panic. She is still unused to sickness, but knows that her Beta is right, and that crowding around Star wouldn't help her.
Later, when Moon encounters Fiery in the forest, she mentions the sickness in her Pack and how ill Star is. The farm-dog mentions that her parent-dogs say it will be all right, but that she is still worried.
A few days later, Moon scrapes digs through earth, thinking that her Mother-Dog was very wrong. Moon gently closes her jaws around the dead body's scruff, and dragging it to the edge of the whole. She gives it a tug and the body tumbles into the earth. Moon thinks that it had only been two days since Alpha and the deceased she-dog helped her bury Star. It is revealed that it is her Mother-Dog who has died, and Moon pleads the Earth-Dog to take care of her mother. She opens her eyes but can't bear to look at the former Beta's lifeless body any longer, and notes that there would soon be nothing but disturbed earth to show that she had ever lived. Moon stares around the grave, where Star and Fly's graves are close to her Mother-Dog's.
Moon thinks that is is fortunate that at least she had Fiery, and recalls how he had brought back lots of the fever-curing plant. He had sadly said that it must have come too later for Star and her Mother-Dog. When Moon returns to the present from her thoughts, she looks at her Mother-Dog's grave once more, before shaking her head, and telling Snap that she can't bury the Beta. Snap understands, and Mulch agrees that they will cover her with earth and make sure she is completely with the Earth-Dog.
When Alpha claims that Moon shall lead the Pack while the fight the sickness, she tells the dogs that they will howl for those they lost, and thinks that she should howl for her Mother-Dog and Star. After the Howl, Moon heads to the hunters' den and understands the wisdom of her parent-dogs in choosing Hunter as her intended mate, thinking that she needs his leadership.
Only a few days later, coyotes attack the Pack, and when Moon is almost killed, she reassures herself that it is alright, and that she will go to the Earth-Dog and see her family. Moon is saved Fiery and some of his Packmates assist Moon's Pack, but Alpha is left killed, causing Moon to sadly think that her sister, Mother-Dog, and Father-Dog all died in five journeys of the Sun-Dog.
When she wakes up the next day, Moon is initially confused on why Star isn't sleeping beside her, before remembering that she knows where Star and her parent-dogs are, and recognizing that she feels terrible because of grief.
Moon has a dream which includes her deceased family. When she falls asleep, she sees her Mother-Dog standing at her Father-Dog's flank, with Star beside her. After tells Moon that Pack is everything, her Mother-Dog steps forward, touching her daughter's ear with her nose. She says that if she had left the others to suffer, Moon would not have been a Pack Dog at all, and Moon whispers her Mother-Dog's name. At her voice, Moon blinks open her eyes, to find that there is no sign of Alpha, Beta, or Star. Instead, she finds Fiery standing over her, and when she protests eating the healing plants, he encourages her to do it for her Pack, and Moon remembers imaging her family, with Star, Beta, and Alpha all standing together. After repetitiously sleeping and eating the leaves, Moon eventually refuses the medicine, but when Fiery convinces her to eat it and drink water, Moon thinks that Fiery is what her parent-dogs thought Hunter was.
After Pebble's death, when the Pack buries him, it is noted that his grave is next to Star's, and near the place where Alpha and Beta lay. Later, Moon talks with Fiery and learns that his Pack will leave the territory soon. Moon wishes she could repay Fiery, but says that her family is gone, and the Pack needs her.
When Hunter comes back to the Pack, he reminds Moon that her parent-dogs always wanted them to lead the Pack together, and that their dearest wish was that they should be mates. He goes on that he thinks they should honor that wish, and allows her to be Beta to his Alpha. This outrages Moon, and she growls that she rejects her. Hunter's eyes gleam in a light Moon never noticed when her parent-dogs were alive, and he snarls that she is foolish. Moon thinks that her parent-dogs always though he would be a strong leader because he was a strong fighter. However, she considers that she doesn't think they would choose him if they had witnesses his current behavior.
When Moon tries to sleep one night, she is miserable at the thought of her greatly weakened Pack and that Fiery would leave the next day. She thinks that she is not cut out to be an Alpha, and is distraught to think that she is lettering her parent-dogs down. She thinks to her Mother-Dog and Father-Dog that she knows that had hopes and dreams for her, but that they weren't her dreams. Moon gets up and paces outside the den, indecisive on if she should let down her Father-Dog and Mother-Dog, or risk letting down what is left of her Pack. As the sun begins to rise, Moon thinks that her Father-Dog is dead and her Mother-Dog is dead, but that her living Packmates need her to make the right choice, and she decides on what to do.
After joining the Wild Pack, Moon reflects that her new Pack would never replace her family, and notes that she still misses Star and her parent-dogs with a constant aching regret. However, she knows that they are safe in the paws of the Earth-Dog. She is also certain that her Mother-Dog and Father-Dog would have approved of Fiery as her new mate. Moon thinks about how she is lead patrol dog, and doesn't need to be Alpha to serve her Pack, and thinks that her Father-Dog and Mother-Dog would be very happy with her.

In the Original Series

The Endless Lake

When Lucky announces to the Pack that he has been having dreams about the Storm of Dogs, Dart questions if that was the fight in the Dawn of Time, but Moon contradicts that it is a real fight on earth and is foretold to take place at the end of all things. She continues that it is said to happen when the sky turns white and the rivers flow red with blood, and notes that that was what her Mother-Dog used to tell her. Lucky is shocked by how similar Moon's descriptions are to his visions, and wonders if her Mother-Dog is right, and if the Big Growl was the warning for the Storm of Dogs that would take place at the end of all things.




Alpha:[3] Deceased As of Moon's Choice[4]


Moon:[3] Living As of Red Moon Rising
Star:[3] Deceased As of Moon's Choice[2]


Beetle:[5] Living As of Red Moon Rising
Fuzz:[5] Deceased As of A Hidden Enemy[6]


Thorn:[5] Living As of Red Moon Rising



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"They had such a connection. Her Father-Dog and Mother-Dog were friends as well as mates, companions as well as leaders. They respected each other, worked well together..."
—Moon thinking about her parent-dogs Moon's Choice, page chapter 1

"Her Father-Dog and Mother-Dog were so wise. Alpha was strong enough to defend the Pack, but wouldn't place them at risk by picking unnecessarily fights. And his mate, her Mother-Dog, was clever and supportive."
—Moon thinking about her Mother-Dog and Father-Dog Moon's Choice, page chapter 2

"It's only been two journeys of the Sun-Dog since she and Alpha helped me bury poor Star. Oh Earth-Dog, please take care of her. Take care of my Mother-Dog."
—Moon thinking about her Mother-Dog after her death Moon's Choice, page chapter 4

"My sister, my Mother-Dog, my Father-Dog. My friends. My Packmates. Five journeys of the Sun-Dog, and I've lost them all."
—Moon thinking about her family Moon's Choice, page chapter 5

Beta: "If you had left the others to suffer, Moon, you would not have been a Pack dog at all."
Moon: "Mother-Dog..."
—Moon seeing her family in her dream Moon's Choice, page chapter 6

"Do I let down my Father-Dog and Mother-Dog? Or do I risk letting down all that's left of my Pack?"
—Moon, unsure of what to do. Moon's Choice, page chapter 9

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