Enjoy your victory, Sweet. But you just wait. I'll challenge you again, swift-dog. I'll challenge you on a day when I'm not tired from hunting and I'll take back my rightful place in this Pack.
Beta moments before her exile in Sweet's Journey, page 61
Beta (character)
Lone Dog[1]
Wild Pack[2]
Irish Setter mix[3]
Names Beta: Beta[4]
Family Unknown
Rank Positions
Rank Lone Dog[1]
Book Appearances
Living Moon's Choice, Sweet's Journey
Dead N/A

Beta is a big,[5] very[6] red-furred[7] female[8] Irish setter mix[9] with long ears,[10] and a feathery tail.[10]


In the Novellas Arc

Moon's Choice

Beta, Alpha, and Fiery are awaiting to challenge Moon's Pack for their territory and forest. Beta is standing by Alpha's side. She snarls that they'll take any territory they want because it is their own Pack's decision to make. She backs off at Alpha's snap.
She couldn't contain herself any longer after being told to be silent and barks that they will fight for this land and that they, Moon's Pack, had no right to stop them from challenging for it. She says that she thinks the Alpha doesn't have the stomach for a fight.
Later on, she is startled by Moon when she is poised atop the highest point of a ridge. Her intentions were to watch the outer territory. Beta asks what Moon wants, sounding flustered. She questions Moon on why she wants to speak with Alpha when they would be leaving soon when the Sun-Dog rises above the trees.
At Moon's proposal, Beta looked annoyed and sat on her haunches to scratch her ears vehemently before nodding sharply. She agrees to take her to Alpha, but to not waste his time with such a busy day ahead for their Pack.
She leads Moon down the valley, tail raised with self-importance. She leads Moon through a cleft between two rocks into a bowl-shaped glade. When she brings Moon to Alpha, she says that Moon had a proposal for him in a sneering tone. While Moon mentions how her Pack is now small from having suffered from the sickness, Beta mutters under her breath that there was barely enough dogs with her to count as a Pack.
She shuts her jaws shut from Alpha's fang-baring. She is shouldered aside by Fiery when Moon's Pack is accepted into the Wild Pack. Journeys of the Sun-Dog later, Beta's bedding is being changed by Whine the Omega.

Sweet's Journey

Beta laughs at Sweet when she asks to cross the territory. Beta criticizes what she said. Beta turns submissive when Alpha comes. Beta is against Sweet coming back to beg to join, so she agrees to Alpha's decision to have Fiery escort her to the edge of camp. She continues to say they already had enough useless dogs like Sweet.
Beta barges past the other smaller dogs aside when the loner Sweet arrives with a rabbit. She demands why Sweet has returned and that it was her biggest and last mistake. She insults Sweet, calling her a Bony Dog. Beta tells Moon that they don't need more mouths, referring to Moon's unborn pups despite Moon stating that they might need to use her as a hunter.
Beta yelps that they barely know her, asking Alpha if he was serious about accepting her into the Pack. When she further complains that she couldn't believe Alpha wanted to accept her, she claims he can't.
She angers Alpha when she denies him the power to accept Sweet in her disbelief. She denies thinking that she was Alpha to the half-wolf, ducking her head and backing off when Alpha probes her for a challenge to affirm his true authority. Beta shoots Sweet a look, eyes glowing with resentful hatred as the Pack and Moon welcome her into the Pack. She turns and stalks away.
Beta watches smugly Sweet's training with Fiery under the shade of a tree. She scoffs under her breath at Sweet's feeble attempts. Beta congratulates Sweet's failure with sarcastic delight, calling her Sweetie. She says never mind, saying that she believed Omega could be a very fulfilling job, still using the same nickname.
She stands up to her paws and strides forward when Sweet overtakes Fiery and she's praised. Beta says this was fighting practice, not mothers playing battle games with pups. She says that this was the Pack's survival and that although Snap and Fiery were protective, Sweet was useless. She states that her long legs would break in a strong wind.
Beta glowers at Sweet when she is given a overly friendly insincere whine. Beta starts and gives Alpha a nervous look when he comes over asking what the noise was all about. She claims that she was only giving some fighting advice.
Beta mutters a sorry at Alpha's observation of her very loud supposed advice. She backs away sullenly, licking her chops. At Alpha's note that Sweet was fighting fine with Fiery, Beta tries to defensively say something about Fiery before being cut off by Alpha.
Beta watches Alpha stalk back to his den. She then turns her ugly stare on Sweet. She snarls that this wasn't over, twisting and bounding into the forest.
Beta appears by Fiery and Sweet while they're hunting for deer and discussing strategy. She snarls to stop talking about it and to just take the deer down or find something else. Beta says she wasn't joining them on the hunt when Fiery asks, and that she wanted to see how Sweet would manage a hunt. She uses the nickname "Sweetie" that bothered Sweet. It turns out that she had been furious when Sweet was promoted to hunter by Alpha.
She witnesses Sweet catch the deer with Fiery but does not help to bring it back to camp. Beta lingered on the edges of camp, glowering resentfully as Sweet and Fiery hauled back their deer catch. Beta turns to slink back into the shadows after Alpha shoots her a look while she lurked on the fringes hearing his praise of the catch. After Sweet tells the pack about Swift-Dogs, Beta says that Sweet was just making it all up.
When Moon's pup time had come, Beta agrees to cover for Sweet, while Sweet ran to get Fiery. When coyotes get into the camp where Sweet was supposed to be patrolling, Sweet, Beta, and Snap get called before Alpha. Beta then lies to Alpha, saying that she hadn't seen Sweet all day and that she had never agreed to cover for her, earning Sweet a punishment. Coming back from her punishment, Beta leaves Sweet a rabbit in Sweet's den. Being hungry, Sweet devoured the rabbit, thinking it was a gift from Moon and Fiery. Beta the calls attention to Sweet, with Alpha furious. However, Sweet defends herself, challenging Beta to a fight. After losing to Sweet, she is forced to admit that she was trying to get Sweet out of the pack. At that, Beta is exiled from the pack for being a dishonest and dishonorable dog.

In the Original Series

A Hidden Enemy

She is mentioned once by Sweet when Lucky was asking how she rose through the ranks so fast. Beta is mentioned to not have gotten along with Sweet very well.


  • Gillian has said that Red could be a good name for her.[11]
  • Gillian revealed that Beta is an Irish setter mix.[12]


"I lied to rid our Pack of a useless lightweight."
—Beta to Sweet Sweet's Journey, page 60
"You haven't heard of it because Sweetie made it up. There're no such Spirit Dogs as the Wind Dogs! I've never heard such nonsense."
—Beta to Sweet Sweet's Journey, page 43

"This is fighting practice, not mothers playing battle games with their pups! This is the Pack's survival we're talking about. I know you two feel protective, but she's useless. Those legs would break in a strong wind, for the Sky-Dogs' sake!"
—Beta to Sweet and Fiery Sweet's Journey, page 33

"We'll take what territory we think is best. it's not your Pack's choice, but our own!"
—Beta to Moon's Pack Moon's Choice, page chapter 2

"We will fight you for this land. You have no right to stop us from challenging you, and I don't think your Alpha has the stomach for a fight!"
—Beta to Alpha of Moon's Pack Moon's Choice, page 18

"This dog [Moon] says she has a proposal for you."
—Beta to Alpha Moon's Choice, page 67

Alpha: "We know she's [Sweet] a good hunter. She's clearly respectful, and has a sense of honor. What more could we ask for in a dog?"
Beta: "I don't believe this! You can't--"
Alpha: "Can't? Are you telling me I can't do something, Beta? Because it's not the first time you've questioned my authority. It's not the first time you've betrayed your delusion that you are Alpha here."
Beta: "No, I--"
Alpha: "Do you know better than I do? Do you think you'd make a better Alpha, perhaps? Would you like to ... challenge me?"
—Beta and Alpha's tense dispute in allowing Sweet to join Sweet's Journey, pages 30-31

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