"We work together, run the pack, keep discipline, and keep it strong."
Sweet in A Hidden Enemy, page 227

A Beta is the second highest ranking in pack hierarchy.


Beta is the rank below Alpha. Dogs who are Beta must take their role as Beta very seriously and are respected. Betas always eat right after the Alpha. They are one of the dogs in the Pack who are treated with the most respect, besides the Alpha, and usually become their mate (if the dogs are opposite genders). In times of great stress, the Alpha will ask their Beta to advise them to see what they should do to help their Pack. If an Alpha of the Pack dies, the Beta must take control of their Pack and choose the next Beta. The Beta has the privilege to command the rest of the Pack.

List of Betas


The following are duties that must be performed by the Beta and are exclusive to that rank:
  • Advising the Alpha[1]
  • Overseeing the feeding ceremony[1]
  • Enforcing pack law[1]
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References and Citations

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