It's our word against yours.
— Brave siding with Daring against Dog in Alpha's Tale, page 20
Wolf Pack[1]
Wolf Pack[1]
Gray Wolf[2]
Names Member: Brave[1]
Family Unknown
Rank Positions
Rank Member[1]
Book Appearances
Living Alpha's Tale
Dead N/A

Brave is a male wolf[1] with shaggy,[3] gray[1] fur.


In the Novellas Arc

Alpha's Tale

Brave is a young wolf, who is on Dog's hunting patrol, spread out by by his right flank with Daring. Brave is commanded by Dog to take on one of the does. However, he and Daring disobey his orders and go after the buck. After being confronted by Dog, he chips in to defend Daring against Dog's challenge. He says that he didn't hear any challenge, and that it is their word against his. Brave's words frustrate Dog, until Brave walks off after Daring's laughing heels.
Later on in the hunting season, the wolves go to the Ranch to raid sheep. Brave lopes through the aspens on the hunting team led by Quick. As the wolves take down the sheep, Brave is ordered by Quick to take down another of the sheep. Suddenly, Brave barks with horror that Fierce Dogs are coming to defend the sheep.
His fears are confirmed by Wise, and Brave flees as their formation is broken. His barks are high and panicked as he is driven off by a Fierce Dog. He runs with his tail tucked between his legs, and doesn't respond to Dog's question as to where Quick is. Brave scrabbles back under the fence and flees the Ranch.


Brave: "What challenge? I didn't hear any challenge."
Dog: "What?"
Brave: "No wolf's issued a challenge."
—Brave and Dog arguing Alpha's Tale, page 20

Brave: "Fierce Dogs!"
Wise: "Brave's right. Fierce Dogs! They're Longpaw Fangs!"
—Brave and Wise Alpha's Tale, page 27
"Brave was young, but he was keen."
—Narrator about Brave Alpha's Tale, page 17

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