Wild Pack[1]
Twitch's Pack[2]

Terror's Pack[3]

Labrador/Collie mix[4]
Names Member: Breeze[2]
Patrol Dog: Breeze[1]
Scout Dog: Breeze[5]
Family Unknown
Rank Positions
Rank Scout Dog[1]
Book Appearances
Living The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided, Dead of Night
Dead N/A

Breeze is a small,[6] dark,[7] female[8] chocolate Labrador/Collie mix[9] with brown eyes,[8] large ears and short fur.[2]


In the Original Series

The Broken Path

Breeze appears with Terror's Pack as they confront the trespassing patrol with Fiery, Lucky, Mickey and Bruno. She's slammed by Terror's forepaw, yelping with pain and cowering. At his command, she flings herself at Fiery's head, barking and clawing frantically. She is pinned by him but wiggles free and flies at him again.
Her assault is joined by the rest of her Pack.
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The Endless Lake

Although Breeze is not mentioned by name, when Terror's Pack follows Twitch, she, along with five other dogs, creep out from under a bush after Splash greets Twitch. The Wild Pack are wary at seeing Terror's Pack, but Twitch's Packmates throw their forepaws on the ground, wag their tails, and dips their heads submissively. Twitch approaches his former Packmates and touches his nose to theirs, telling the Wild Pack that he wants to stay with those dogs as they are his Pack now. When some of the Wild Pack members protest, Splash tells them that Terror is gone and they might now be a real Pack, and several of his Packmates whine agreement.
After Twitch becomes Alpha of the Pack, all the dogs surge toward him, congratulating him, nuzzling him, and barking.
Breeze is mentioned again, though unnamed, after Alpha's supposed death, when Daisy frets that if the Pack needs an Alpha, that dogs must fight for it. Lucky assures her that it isn't necessary, as when Twitch became Alpha of his Pack there was no aggression, because all of the Pack wanted him to lead.

Storm of Dogs

When Twitch's Pack claim that they want to fight for Storm, Twitch asks his other dogs- Rake, Breeze, Woody, and Omega what they think. Breeze says that it would be an honor to fight beside the dogs who defeated Terror, and Twitch thanks her for speaking. When Twitch announces that they will fight alongside Sweet's Pack, his Pack howls in agreement. After the Wild Pack attacks the Fierce Dog Pack with a giantfur, Sweet tells her Pack and Twitch's Pack that they will fight the Fierce Dogs.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

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Dead of Night

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  • Despite being listed as a patrol dog,[1] Breeze states she is a hunter.[10]
  • Gillian confirmed that Breeze is a chocolate Labrador Collie mix, mostly of Labrador.[11]


"It would be an honor to fight beside the dogs who defeated Terror."
—Breeze to Twitch Storm of Dogs (book), page chapter 16

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