"I would run for longpaws. They liked that. They liked to see us swift-dogs run in a circle, chasing a dead hare. As if we thought it lived and we could catch it. Ha! We liked to win, that was all."
— Callie to Sweet in Sweet's Journey, page 15
Lone Dog[1]
Swift-Dog Pack[2]
Names Beta: Beta [2]

Lone-Dog: Callie[1]

Race-Dog: California Dreamer[1]

Family Unknown
Rank Positions
Rank Lone-Dog[1]
Deceased (killed by a falling loudcage)[4]
Book Appearances
Living Sweet's Journey
Dead N/A

Callie is a sandy-colored female swift-dog.[2]


In the Novellas Arc

Sweet's Journey

Callie begins the book in a challenge with Sweet. She is at that time known as Beta. She aims for Sweet's eye in an attempt to blind her and win the challenge, shocking Sweet with her attempts to cheat. Sweet grabs Callie, gaining the upper hand until Callie bites Sweet's scruff, forcing her to submit. Sweet is about to summon the willpower to fend her off before a team of longpaws ambush the Swift-Dog pack, trapping the swift-dogs. The Swift-Dog pack ends up in the Trap House. After the Big Growl, most of the swift-dogs except Callie and Sweet meet their doom.
Later on, Callie is tracked down by Sweet to a longpaw camp. Callie is found wounded from attempting to scavenge a loudcage. The loudcage fell on Callie, crippling her leg and ripping a fatal gash in her flank. The sharp-tongued dog is reluctant to see Sweet again, but opens up to her as she bleeds to death.
Callie reveals her past as a race dog. She claims her full name used to be California Dreamer. Callie expresses how much of a silly name it was while she reminisces how the race-dogs used to try winning, although the longpaws found it humorous to watch them chase a dead hare. Callie shows obvious contempt for the longpaws, saying the swift-dogs were slaves to them like the other race animals(horses i.e). Sweet lends Callie company before she passes away.


"You're a good dog, Sweet. Don't laugh. I've always known you were a good dog. A better dog than me."
—Callie to Sweet Sweet's Journey, page 17
"We were slaves to the longpaws, but among our Pack we had honor."
—Callie to Sweet Sweet's Journey, page 15
"The loudsticks spat something that killed them[horses]. No use, a horse that can't run. I used to think it was cruel... I wouldn't mind a longpaw with a loudstick right now."
—Callie to Sweet Sweet's Journey, page 17
Callie: "I wouldn't mind a longpaw with a loudstick right now."
Sweet: "Callie, don't say that!"
Callie: "What else would I say? Listen to me. I'll never run again. I'm never going to walk. You've had my neck in your jaws before, Sweet. Finish what you started then. Sink your teeth into my throat and get this over with."
Sweet: "I can't do that, Callie. I could never do that."
—Callie and Sweet Sweet's Journey, pages 16-17

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