"Chase would never do such things. I've known her for a long time, and she's a good, loyal dog. A Pack Dog."
Breeze to Storm about Chase in Red Moon Rising, page 158
Wild Pack[1]
Twitch's Pack[2]

Terror's Pack[3] Chase's Pack[4]

Names Member: Chase[2]

Patrol Dog: Chase[1]

Family Unknown
Rank Positions
Rank Patrol Dog[1]
Book Appearances
Living The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided, Into the Shadows, Red Moon Rising
Dead N/A

Chase is a small, scruffy, ginger-furred female mongrel.[5]


In the Original Series

The Broken Path

While not mentioned by name, Chase helps Terror run Fiery's hunting group out of the territory. When Terror has one of his fits, Chase joins in with her Packmates in guarding Terror while he is vulnerable.
Later she fights in the battle with the Wild Pack and witnesses Storm kill Terror.
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The Endless Lake

Although Chase is not mentioned by name, when Terror's Pack follows Twitch, she, along with five other dogs, creep out from under a bush after Splash greets Twitch. The Wild Pack are wary at seeing Terror's Pack, but Twitch's Packmates throw their forepaws on the ground, wag their tails, and dips their heads submissively. Twitch approaches his former Packmates and touches his nose to theirs, telling the Wild Pack that he wants to stay with those dogs as they are his Pack now. When some of the Wild Pack members protest, Splash tells them that Terror is gone and they might now be a real Pack, and several of his Packmates whine agreement.
When Splash offers Twitch to be their Alpha and Terror's Pack all agree, after Moon protests that it doesn't work that way, Chase yips that they all want Twitch. After Twitch becomes Alpha of the Pack, all the dogs surge toward him, congratulating him, nuzzling him, and barking.
Chase is mentioned again, though unnamed, after Alpha's supposed death, when Daisy frets that if the Pack needs an Alpha, that dogs must fight for it. Lucky assures her that it isn't necessary, as when Twitch became Alpha of his Pack there was no aggression, because all of the Pack wanted him to lead.

Storm of Dogs

When Twitch asks his Pack if they want to fight to save Storm, Chase wags her tail furiously, eyes bright, and says that she will do as her Alpha orders, but wants to help Storm. Twitch thanks Chase for speaking up, and asks his other dogs what they think.
During the Storm of Dogs, Lucky sees Chase shaking at the bottom of the rocks, and Splash lies next to her. Chase looks up at Lucky, and her body shakes so hard that her words are half-garbled. She stammers that Blade killed him. Blade says that she would do it again, and Chase tries to scramble up the rocks to attack her, but Lucky throws himself in her way, ordering her not to. He thinks that Chase's grief would cause her to get killed. Right after, a boulder tumbles from the rock face, and the dogs bark if fear. Lucky nudges Chase away from Blade, until they are safely away from her.
After the Storm of Dogs, Sweet thanks Twitch's Pack for fighting with them. She turns to Chase, and one of Chase's eyes are swollen shut. Lucky wonders if she will be able to use it again.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

During a Great Howl, Storm realizes that Ruff, Chase, and Breeze are not howling, and notes that they are all dogs of Twitch's old Pack. Storm thinks that she doesn't want to be unhappy that night and she shuts Ruff, Chase, and Breeze out of her mind. After the Howl, Storm accuses Breeze of not joining in the Howl, and she answers that perhaps Ruff, Chase, and Rake were angry, but she just never howled with the Pack.
After the challenge between Thorn and Woody, where Twitch lets Moon becomes the lead patrol dog, some of Twitch's old Pack mutter complaints under their breath, and Breeze, Chase, Ruff, and Rake look sullen.
After Sweet tells the tale of the Golden Deer, when the Pack discusses if the Spirit Dogs are real or not, Chase adds that the Earth-Dog takes all dogs when they die.
When Moon is accused of stealing prey, Lucky pushes Chase and Dart aside as he goes to see what the commotion is. when Breeze explains that Moon has been hoarding the Pack's food, Chase growls that there is no honor in hoarding prey. That night, when Moon heads for the cliffs and her High Watch, as punishment for stealing the Pack's prey, Chase snaps at her tail and barks a laugh, but the Farm-dog doesn't react.
When Arrow suspects Storm of something, he explains that he is suspicious because she nearly stepped on Chase when he saw her walk out of the clearing.
When foxes come to the Pack, Chase yelps a warning, and snarls at Storm, asking what is happening. Lucky barks commands at the Pack, and tells Chase, Woody, Snap, and Spring to hold the center. After Storm helps Beetle with a wound, she races to help Chase, who fights off two foxes at once. When the foxes leave, Alpha demands to know who caused the fox attack, and Chase flicks her tail anxiously, shaking her head.
The next day, the dogs discuss who could have killed the fox pup, but when they are silenced by Lucky, Chase begins that they must figure it out, but is interrupted when Lucky howls, ordering everyone to be quiet. After he scolds the Pack and says that they must come to him with their problems, Chase hesitantly pads forward to his Beta, and begins that the Pack needs Alpha to judge their problems, but is interrupted by Twitch.
Later, when the Pack is in danger when Storm, Snap, and Lucky are searching for the Golden Deer, Storm recognizes the howling of Chase, as well as other dogs of the Pack.

Dead of Night

Chase does not appear in this book, but is in the Pack list.

Into the Shadows

After Twitch was injured by the clear-stone in the deer, Chase is one of the dogs who turns on Arrow, saying that they knew nothing about him except that he betrayed his last Pack. Later, after the argument, Chase, Thorn, Beetke, and Ruff organize themselves into patrols and set out.
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Red Moon Rising

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  • Chase was called a male several times.[6][7][8]
  • Chase and Splash were not related.[9]


"We'll do as our Alpha orders, but I agree with Splash. I want to help Storm."
—Chase to Twitch Storm of Dogs (book), page chapter 16

"Where's the honor in hoarding prey?"
—Chase when Moon is accused of stealing food A Pack Divided, page chapter 11

Storm: "What about you? How did you come to be in Terror's Pack?"
Chase: "My Pack left me."
Storm: "Oh! Oh no. That must have been a bad time for you. Why did they do that?"
Chase: "It was the right thing to do. I was young and sick; what good was I to a Pack?"
Storm: "How did you survive?"
Chase: "Oh, I'd have starved if it hadn't been for Terror. He found me, took me in. He gave me a home and Packmates. Terror was a crazy dog, but he wasn't all bad."
—Storm and Chase Red Moon Rising, page 138

Storm: "Breeze. Do you think Chase could be the culprit? The traitor?"
Breeze: "Storm, Bruno must have been killed by a much bigger dog. Alpha said as much."
Storm: "Well, that bothered me. But—oh, I don't know. Bruno was lying there so peacefully—apart from his injury, I mean. Maybe the bad dog caught him when he was asleep? Or maybe his jaw wasn't torn off till he was dead."
Breeze: "It's possible, I suppose, but..."
Storm: "You see, I think Chase might have been trying to tell the Pack something. Sending us a message—showing us why Bruno had to die, why the Pack should be destroyed."
Breeze: "No. No, I just can't believe that, Storm. Chase would never do such things. I've known her for a long time, and she's a good, loyal dog. A Pack Dog."
—Storm and Breeze on if Chase is the traitor Red Moon Rising, page 158

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