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Alpha's Tale

Chicken are animals that appear in the Survivors series.[1]


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In the Novellas Arc

Alpha's Tale

Chickens are found in wire chicken cages on the Rancher's ranch. As Calamity and Wolf forget their duties, they hear an eruption of panicked squawking from across the yard. Calamity exclaims that it was the chicken cages, bounding to reach the source of the squawks. Wolf follows, seeing that the racket was coming from the wire cages where fat chickens roosted. The chickens are frantically clucking as a disheveled coyote approaches them. The coyote catches a red hen, however the load of its catch hampers its retreat.
The chicken's corpse is dropped on the ground as the coyote is seized by the Longpaw Fangs. It is a lifeless heap of rumpled feathers. When Wolf is scarred for life in failing his duty, he curses that it was for the sake of a single chicken.

References and Citations

  1. Revealed in Alpha's Tale, page 52

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