City Dog

A City Dog is a dog that lives in the city using longpaw homes and the streets to survive.[1]


City Dogs are portrayed as cunning dogs.[1] They use longpaw homes to survive and beg for food at The Food Houses.[1] They use longpaws and need the City, yet they do not think of themselves as Leashed Dogs.[1]

City Dogs

Examples of City Dogs mentioned in Survivors:

  • Lucky is a former City Dog from before the Big Growl who called himself particularly clever. He and another City Dog, Old Hunter, used to be friends. Lucky prided himself on his knowledge of the cities, but after the Big Growl he soon became a Wild Dog member of the Wild Pack.
  • Old Hunter is a City Dog who prides himself being a Lone Dog. He and Lucky become City friends sharing food and giving each other other tips on surviving. It is unknown what happened to him after the Big Growl.
  • Ferret Tooth was once a Lone Dog and a City Dog. According to Lucky, who used to know him, he curled up one day in the park on a cold Ice Wind night and froze to death.
  • Mickey was a City Dog when he left the Wild Pack. He thought the longpaws returned to the City, but he was proven wrong when he rediscovered his longpaws' abandoned home. When Lucky comes back to the City, they stay a short time and then return to the Wild Pack as Wild Dogs.


In the Original Series

The Empty City

Lucky, the City Dog protagonist, found himself captured in The Trap House. Lucky and his friend Sweet, escape after the Big Growl tears apart the building. Sweet tells him that she wants to go to The Wild and find a Wild Pack, but Lucky wants to remain in The City as both City Dog and Lone Dog. Sweet leaves him to go find a Pack in the Wild while later Lucky finds his City Dog friend, Old Hunter. Old Hunter and Lucky have a snack and talk for a while, recounting their fond City Dog tales. With the doom of the Great Growl looming in the ravaged city, Lucky urges Old Hunter to partner like the good ole days in such desperate times. However, Old Hunter refuses under the pride of his Lone Dog status. Soon Lucky and Old Hunter part ways and go off alone as two Lone Dogs. Then Lucky finds a Leashed Pack, and helps them survive in the City and Wild. They soon have to leave the City, and they become true Wild Dogs.
Later the Leashed Pack was merged into the Wild Pack.

A Hidden Enemy

No current City Dogs appear, but City Dogs are mentioned.

When Lucky introduces himself to The Wild Pack, dogs tease him on how they can smell the City on him. They also call him "City Dog" and "Street Dog" occasionally, especially in mockery.

Darkness Falls

No current City Dogs appear, but City Dogs are mentioned.

After Alpha outcasts Lucky, he and Mickey leave to the City. Lucky returns and spends time in the City. Him and Mickey stay for a short time, soon returning to the Wild Pack with three Fierce Dog pups they rescued: Lick, Grunt, and Wiggle.

The Broken Path

No current City Dogs appear, but City Dogs are mentioned.

Lucky recalls how he used to be a City Dog, but then he tells himself that he loves his new life.
Later, when Lick and Lucky are out hunting and spot a blackbird high in the tree, Lucky comments how she could not reach the bird unless she climbed or flied. Lick said she saw sharpclaws climb before, Lucky agrees, saying he saw sharpclaws do it in the City. But he then pointed out that they were not sharpclaws. Lick then said how Lucky had never told her about the City and being a City Dog, she then asked him what it was like.
Lucky told her about the buildings and Food Houses and all the Longpaws. Lick then asked Lucky if he had the chance if he would he go back. After a few moments Lucky said no. He loved his Pack and Pack life and he did not want to leave. Lick said she was happy to hear that because she liked having Lucky in the Pack.

The Endless Lake

No current City Dogs appear, but City Dogs are mentioned.

Once again the Dogs call Lucky a "City Dog" and "Street Dog" on multiple occasions.

Storm of Dogs

No current City Dogs appear, but City Dogs are mentioned.

Lucky is reminded of Ferret Tooth, a City Dog that froze to death in his sleep during winter. He remembered how he had begged for food at a Food-House and one night he curled up at a Longpaw Park and never got up again.

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