It'll stay cool so it'll still taste good, and it won't go bad quickly. Like a longpaw cold-box!
Martha referring to cold-boxes in The Empty City, page 188

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Book Appearances

The Empty City, The Broken Path

A Cold Box is the dog term for a refrigerator.[1]


Cold-boxes are used by longpaws to store food such as frozen meat,[2] raw meat, cheese, and bread.[3] They have dangling light-power snakes, or cables, that give them light-power to operate.[2] They can be bolted shut, although sometimes they can be found open.[4] They appear as silver metal boxes with hinges.[5]


In the Original Series

The Empty City

When Lucky and Old Hunter meet up again in the City after the Big Growl's events, Old Hunter refuses to share the meat he found. As he steps near a pool of water that had melted from the cold-box, Lucky realizes that a light-power snake was touching the water. He saves Old Hunter by shoving him away from the electrified puddle.
Later on, when Bella and Lucky are scavenging from a longpaw home, he tries to pry open the cold-box. However, he could not open the cold-box.
Once the dogs discover their new temporary camp, they find a cool place by the river that they could store their food in. Although it is not a cold-box, they say it is very much like a longpaw cold-box.

The Broken Path

A patrol of Wild Pack dogs raid a longpaw town and discover cold-boxes. They take the meat and food found in them.


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