River is river, dog is dog, no silly spirit, no help coming. Turn and face us, dogs.
— The Coyote Leader to the Wild Pack in Dead of Night, page 165-166
Coyote Leader
Coyote Pack (GD)[1]
Coyote Pack (GD)[1]
Names Alpha: Unknown
Family Unknown
Rank Positions
Rank Alpha[2]
Book Appearances
Living Dead of Night
Dead N/A

The Coyote Leader is a male coyote.[3]


In the Gathering Darkness arc

Dead of Night

The Coyote Leader appears behind a hunting patrol of Storm, Dart, Twitch, and Lucky. His coyote members line up on the riverbank as he says that no help was coming for them, and that the river was a river.
He says smugly that there were no silly spirits, tossing his head back and baring his teeth. He adds that they were not like foolish dogs, and that they see what is in front. When Lucky boats that every dog is worth two of their coyotes, he sneers at Twitch, asking if it included the cripple. The coyotes behind him snigger unpleasantly as he exclaims he was not even a whole dog.
He is looked in the eye by Twitch, who says silently that he chewed his leg off so that he could run, walk, and fight better. His coyotes stop laughing. He mutters that Twitch was lying, and looks at him as though he is a rabbit who turned around and bit him.
When Lucky warns them to run, or else he would have Twitch feed him to the Earth-Dog, the Coyote Leader snarls petulantly that the earth is earth. For a moment longer, he stares at Lucky over Twitch's head. Then he bares his teeth mockingly at Twitch, turns, and bounds away, his coyote pack following him at a loping, sideways run so they could throw growls over their shoulders at the dogs.


Lucky: "This is your doing, then. Why would you leave prey in the river? Are you trying to offend the River-Dog?"
The Coyote Leader: "No silly spirits. Not like foolish dogs. We see what is in front."
—Lucky and the Coyote Leader face off Dead of Night, page 167

Lucky: "If it's a fight you mangy creatures want, I warn you-- every dog here is worth two of you, and we will give you a fight you will never forget!"
The Coyote Leader: "Even that cripple? Twice a coyote? He's [Twitch] not even a whole dog!"
—The Coyote Leader faces off with the Wild Pack Dead of Night, page 169

Twitch: "Especially 'that cripple'. Do you want to know how I lost my leg? It was weak. No use to me. One day I got injured, and sick, and I was all alone. So I chewed it off. I walk, run, and fight better without it-- and if you don't believe me, by all means, go ahead... try attacking me."
The Coyote Leader: "Lie dog."
Lucky: "I'd run, if I were you. And if you have any sense, you had better leave this territory for good, and never let me see or scent you around here again. If I do, i'll let Twitch feed you to the Earth-Dog!"
The Coyote Leader: "Earth is earth."
Dart: "Yeah, you'd better run away, mangy not-dogs."
—The Coyote Leader faces off with the Wild Pack Dead of Night, pages 168-169

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