'This was your doing, then,' Lucky growled. He stepped forward, and the other dogs lined up loyally behind him, fixing the coyotes with their angriest stares. Storm counted eight coyotes, including one with a missing tail.
— The Coyote Pack appears to the Wild Pack patrol in Dead of Night, page 167

The Coyote Pack (GD) is a pack of coyotes led by the Coyote Leader, discovered in Dead of Night.[1]


In the Gathering Darkness arc

Dead of Night

A coyote pack appears, lining the riverbank behind the dogs as they witness a rotting rabbit come down the river. As Lucky growls it was their doing and steps forward, the coyote leader sneers that there were no silly spirits. He says this smugly, tossing his head back and baring his teeth. He says that they are not like the foolish dogs, and they see what is in front.
Although Storm suspects them up poisoning their prey pile, she then tells herself that the coyote could not have gotten close enough to do so. She can smell their stink, and see the fleas leaping around in their fur.
The coyote leader then sneers at Twitch and calls him a cripple when Lucky boasts each dog was worth two of their coyotes, saying that Twitch wasn't even a whole dog.
The coyotes laugh and snigger behind their leader. The coyotes stop laughing to hear Twitch's words, his bluff that he fights, runs and walks better without his leg because he chewed it off. The coyote leader mutters that he's a liar, and looks at Twitch as if he was a rabbit who turned around and bit him. He snarls petulantly that Earth was earth.
The coyote leader stares at Lucky over Twitch's head, and then bares his teeth mockingly at Twitch, turns, and bounds away. His coyote pack follows him at a loping, sideways run as they throw growls over their shoulders at the dogs.

Into the Shadows

The coyote pack attacks Bella and Arrow and sneers at running away and fleeing. When Storm and Lucky intervene in the fight, the Coyote Leader hisses that this is not their pack and that they have no friends here. He shouts to his pack members that there are too many dogs and flees with them.


This coyote pack has 8 members, including one with a missing tail. They have a sharp odor, and fleas leaping about in their pelt.[2]


It is unknown where the coyote pack considers its territory, however, they were initially scented downwind of a field.[3]


  • The coyote leader confirms that they have no belief in any spirits, claiming that they "see what is in front."[1]
  • It is not know exactly if the coyote pack from Into the Shadow is the same from Dead of Night. However, the comments of the Coyote Leader suggest that he recognized Lucky and Storm from the earlier encounter.[4]

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