The coyotes gathered at the top of the hill among the tall trees, sniffing and circling. They had thickly furred bodies like wolves, and their legs were long and narrow. Their large pointed ears cut jagged outlines on the dark horizon and their sharp smell turned Lucky’s stomach.
— The Coyote Pack approaches in search of the pups in Darkness Falls, page 143

The Coyote Pack (OS) is a pack of coyotes led by Mangles, discovered in Darkness Falls.[1]


In the Original Series

Darkness Falls

In Darkness Falls, as Mickey and Lucky are leading the Fierce Dog pups to their Wild Pack, a coyote pack appears in search of the pups. The Alpha coyote Mangles makes decisions on the hunt. The coyote pack picks up another trail, missing the pups and an easy meal.


According to Mangles, the Alpha Coyote refers to his or her's subordinates/members as "Cohorts."[2] All of the coyote members in the pack are observed to have thick-fur like wolves, have long narrow legs and, large pointed ears.[1] The coyote pack has at least five other unnamed members[3] excluding Mangles.


It is unknown where the coyote pack considers its territory.


  • It is unknown if the coyote in the loudcage in The Broken Path was a member of the pack and was captured by the longpaws.

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