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Lucky's PoV

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Lucky's Point of View
The dogs are still traveling towards a new home, and Twitch refuses to let anyone help with his broken paw. The pack stops, deciding where to go next, but Alpha is still silent, so Bruno asks Lucky, who thinks to himself that Bruno tried to hurt him, and now Bruno was asking him for help. Bella decides to make camp where the water meets the big rocks, because over there, there was an overhang to shelter the dogs from the black cloud. Sunshine and Whine protest, but they keep going nonetheless.
When they reach the small base, the dogs begin to fight over trivial things and Alpha is back to his normal self. Mickey remarks that they should go back to the city, it isn't safe here, but Lucky disagrees. Mickey says that the black cloud is like a longpaw hand pointing to the city, and Mickey knows the longpaws are waiting for him there, so he leaves the Leashed Dogs, heading towards the city.





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Darkness Falls Chapters
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