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Chapter Number: Prologue

Chapter Summary

Lucky's Point of View

Thunder growls loudly in the distance as it heavily rains. Yap buries his face against his Mother-Dog’s belly and whimpers. Squeak presses next to him, trembling. Mother-Dog licks her pups’ ears and comforts them that there is nothing to be scared of, and Yap lifts his muzzle, feeling safer at the sound of his mother’s voice. There is another flash of lightning, and his neck fur prickles as his littermates whimper and curl together for comfort. Mother-Dog scoops them toward her and washes them confidently, assuring them that it sounds frightening, but that it is only a storm, and that the Sky-Dogs and Lightning are play-fighting. Lightning flashes once more, followed by a rumble of thunder, while the winds howl overhead. Yap remembers how Mother-Dog urged the pups to play together gently, and frets aloud if the Sky-Dogs will hurt each other. Mother-Dog responds that they won’t do each other harm and are just having fun. She nuzzles each of her pups, and explains that the Sky-Dogs are littermate like them, and Lightning is their friend, and that friends and littermates always stick together. Yowl whimpers that they seem angry, and Snip asks her Mother-Dog if she is sure they are only playing. Mother-Dog firmly replies that she is sure, and tells her pups to rest.

Yap and his littermates nestle together, and Yap looks into Mother-Dog’s eyes, but she avoids his gaze, turning away. He wonders if he had imagined the doubt he had seen on her face. Yap’s head grows heavy at the sound of his littermates’ snuffles and snores, and though he wants to ask his Mother-Dog more about the Sky-Dogs, he is too tired, and lowers his muzzle as his eyes close.

When Yap wakes the storm has calmed to a steady rain, though it is still no-sun. His littermates sleep around him, but, with a jolt of panic, he realizes that the Mother-Dog is gone. He sniffs the air and locates her scent before seeing her nearby. She watches the rain patter against the clearstone, lifting her face to the sky. Her tail gives a small wag as her son approaches, but this time Yap is sure that her eyes are worried as she turns to welcome him. He bounds up to her, and guesses that it isn’t just play-fighting, and that something bad is going on. His Mother-Dog lowers her head and comments to Yap that he notices too much for a pup. For a moment, they both look at the clear-stone, but it is completely dark. Mother-Dog continues that she has seen storms before, but that the air now feels tighter, and the howls of the Sky-Dogs deeper. She wonders out loud that if the Sky-Dogs might be angry.

Yap shivers and asks her what they are angry about and who they are angry with, but Mother-Dog sighs that she doesn’t know. She adds that it is possible that a dog did something to upset them, and the Sky-Dogs want to remind the dogs of how powerful they are. Yap’s eyes grow wide, and he questions what a dog could have done to upset the Sky-Dogs so much. He guesses that Lightning, a friend of the dogs, wouldn’t turn on them either. Mother-Dog agrees that Lightning and the Sky-Dogs are there to protect them, and she wonders if it’s something else, explaining to Yap that Spirit Dogs have the sharpest instincts, and could be howling to warn them of a danger they sensed. Yap protests that she had said that everything was okay, and his tail droops anxiously. He asks why she told them that there was nothing to be afraid of, and Mother-Dog responds that she was just guessing, going on that she didn’t want to worry them when it’s probably just the wind and rain. She leans over and licks her pup’s face.

Yap pulls away and catches her eye, countering that it might be better if they knew about it if there was something to be scared of, adding that they couldn’t protect themselves otherwise. Mother-Dog confidently answers that fear doesn’t do any dog any good, and that whatever is happening, the Sky-Dogs will protect them. Beyond the clear-stone, thunder rumbles again, the wind rises, and the rain comes down in sheets. Yap whimpers and hides his face between Mother-Dog’s front paws. He had always admired Lightning, but is now unsure, wondering if the Spirit Dog is angry or scared. Mother-Dog soothes Yap not to fret, and that the Sky-Dogs must just be play-fighting, but now her words seem hollow. However, he doesn’t challenge her, and figures that it is better to believe that they are safe, commenting that they make a lot of noise when play-fighting. Mother-Dog nudges his face with her nose, and says that they are mighty Sky-Dogs, and he shouldn’t expect them to play quietly. Mother-Dog prods Yap gently toward his littermates, trods a circle for her sleep-ritual, and takes her place alongside her pups. Yap glances outside where the water hammers down again one last time before settling next to Squeak, who snuffles but doesn’t wake. The wind howls and batters the clear-stone and Yap’s hackles rise as he shuts his eyes. He trembles as he remembers his Mother-Dog’s fear that the Sky-Dogs might be howling in warning. He wonders what could be bad enough to alarm the mighty Sky-Dogs.








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