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Storm's Point of View
In the clearing outside the Pack's camp, dogs swarm around the edges of Storm's vision like panicking shadows, howling and yapping in grief and terror.
The sunlight of the Sun-Dog brushes the treetops, but did not reach the ground. The light underneath the treetops is gray, like the corpse at Storm's paws. Whisper is laying dead at her feet. Storm sinks to her belly, thinking that a dog did this, while staring into Whisper's lifeless eyes.
She looks over his terrible wounds, from his raked flank and stomach to his torn throat. His blood is fed to the Earth-Dog. Storm had seen dead dogs before, but she had never seen a dog who looked so surprised as Whisper did in his death, with his slightly open jaw and wide eyes as if surprised.
She wonders who did this to him, panting and shuddering as she breathed. She feels cold. Storm's Packmates are still whining and circling Whisper's body. Bruno paces anxiously. Sunshine quivers at the foot of a tree, hiding her face behind a clump of grass.
She is vaguely aware of a dog howling to follow the scent, and a few dogs crash through the bushes and into the trees. Daisy and Rake are among them, then joined by Mickey. Despite the efforts, Storm thinks to herself that Whisper can not be saved, and his wounds are drying. His killer would be far away now.
Sweet howls with rage at who did this in their territory. She demands to know the dogs who were on patrol last night. Thorn and Breeze come forward, although Thorn is stepping on shaky paws. Breeze comes to her side, giving a reassuring nudge. She glances back at Whisper's body, stating that they were running the border of the camp all night and neither of them saw anything.
Storm thinks that the killer must have if they knew what to look for. At first, she considers an outsider, but then shakes her head, because it made no sense. Sweet glares at the two of them, and says that their patrol failed.
Dart, Beetle, and Omega all howl in agreement and distress. Sunshine whines, asking what it meant. Dart dips her head, her ears flattened to her skull, asking if their patrols were useless.
Moon had run from High Watch, and tries to give advice on the to Alpha. Sweet glares at her, and says that they will not rest, and that Moon would stay on High Watch unless she said otherwise. Finally, Lucky comes forward. Alpha leans on him with a sigh. He states that Whisper's death must be avenged, and quickly.
Storm barks an agreement along with the others. Then Lucky accuses the foxes of this act, because they attacked their camp. The dogs howl their approval, although Storm does not believe them. There was no fox-scent.
Moon then nudges Sweet back towards the camp, since the pups need to be still. The rest of the pack then gathers around Twitch to try and form a plan. The torn Storm catches up with Lucky and Sweet, and Sweet tells Lucky to stay and talk with Storm while she returns to camp. Storm then tells Lucky that she suspects the foxes didn't kill Whisper, but that a dog did. Lucky is very reluctant to believe her, and commands her not tell any other dogs about her "ridiculous" theory. The beta tells Storm that the Pack is in danger. He tells her they need to be strong for every dog, and not cause panic. With her mind racing, Storm wonders what to do, and walks over to Whisper's body. She sees dogs discussing the fox pack around Twitch. Storm apologizes to Whisper and thinks about how she wanted him to leave her alone.
The Fierce Dog looks for something that could lead her to the murderer. She notices a patch of flattened grass leading from the forest, and follows it to a patch of blood. Storm begins to feel strange, and watches Whisper's death unfold before her eyes. The Moon-Dog casts a shine on the trees as Whisper heads toward camp unwary. Storm wonders why he would be, being close to camp. Another dog jumps at Whisper, killing him before he can do anything. The murderer drags Whisper into the open for the Pack to find. Storm's paws and muzzle are covered in blood as Whisper dies. Storm fells something warm on her paws which turns out to be drool. She wonders if she was the murderer. Storm comforts herself saying that she was with Lucky and Snap at the time Whisper was attacked. Her mind says he may not have been killed last night, and she wonders if she killed him in her sleep.







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