Pack Lists are presented at the beginning of books, and are a list of the characters in each book.

Wild Pack (In Order of Rank)


Alpha — small swift-dog with short gray fur (also known as Sweet)


Beta — gold-and-white thick-furred male (also known as Lucky)


Snap — small female with tan-and-white fur
Bruno — large thick-furred brown male Fight Dog with a hard face
Bella — gold-and-white thick-furred female
Mickey — sleek black-and-white male Farm Dog
Storm — brown-and-tan female Fierce Dog
Arrow — black-and-tan male Fierce Dog
Whisper — skinny gray male
Woody — stocky brown male

Patrol Dogs

Moon — black-and-white female Farm Dog
Twitch — tan male chase-dog with black patches and three legs
Dart — lean brown-and-white female chase-dog
Daisy — small white-furred female with a brown tail
Rake — scrawny male with wiry fur and a scarred muzzle
Breeze — small brown female with large ears and short fur
Chase — small ginger-furred female
Beetle — black-and-white shaggy-furred male
Thorn — black shaggy-furred female
Ruff — small black female


Omega — small female with long white fur (also known as Sunshine)

Survivors Pack Lists
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