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The Empty City, A Hidden Enemy, A Pack Divided, Dead of Night

Deer is a prey animal in Survivors.


With various colors, usually tawny brown, a deer is an animal twice as tall as a dog. It has a small, short neck. It has a tiny fluffy tail. Males usually have antlers.[1] Deer have a white tail.[2]


In the Survivors: The Original Series

The Empty City

Lucky thinks to himself how the Leashed Dogs' hunting skills have improved, and they can keep their hunger pangs at bay with what they catch; and bugs, grubs, and the remains of a deer carcass. Lucky supposes that the deer must have been old and died of weakness and exhaustion, instead of a longpaw loudstick.
Lucky sees a longpaw with a deer slung over its shoulder, and the smell of fresh blood wafts from the deer carcass, greatly tempting Lucky. The longpaw hauls a door open in a low building and begins to carry the deer inside, and Lucky slinks backward into the trees. When the Leashed Dogs get excited at the sight of a longpaw, it drops the deer in a thudding heap, surprised. After scaring the dogs by shooting with its loudstick into the air once, it drags the deer inside the building. Lucky gets mad at the Leashed Dogs, but Bruno says that the loudstick was only a gun, and that his longpaw hunted deer just like that one. Alfie adds that the longpaw has a whole deer, and if it lets them in, it will share, as it can't eat a whole deer, but they can help it.
Right before Lucky is about to leave the Leashed dogs, they catch prey. Mickey and Bruno are able put a small deer that they had surprised and trapped in the center of the prey pile for the rest of the pack to share. Lucky is invited to eat first, and soon all of the dogs happily wolf down chunks of rabbit, deer, and squirrel. As the dogs fall asleep, Lucky sees Mickey's hind legs twitch as he falls asleep, and he  thinks that the farm-dog is dreaming of chasing the deer.

A Hidden Enemy

Lucky explains to Alpha that he is a good hunter, and Alpha tells him that his Beta can take down a deer.
Much later in the book when Lucky is a hunter, he goes hunting with Fiery, Snap, and Spring. They are able to take down a deer, though a long process occurs before they are able to.

The Endless Lake

Lucky and his team of dogs co e upon the Endless Lake. The encounter an animal that looks so mad to a deer.

In the The Gathering Darkness Series

A Pack Divided

Sweet tells the pack the Swift-Dog story of the Golden Deer. 
When hunting, the patrol comes upon a windswept hill, where many deer scents cross. After finding that none of the scents are fresh, the patrol is about to go back, when they hear a deer and chase after it. However, they don't catch it.
Later, Lucky's hunting patrol chases and catches a deer by working as a team. They run away and hide at the sight and sound of loudbirds. However, the deer is gone when they come back.

In the Novellas

Alpha's Tale

When Pup stalks a weasel, he imagines that he is stalking a deer, and thinks that soon he will be stalking real deer, as he could take it. He thinks that he will bring many deer to the Pack to fatten their bellies for Ice Wind. When he kills the weasel, he wishes it was a deer, but figures he will catch one next time.
When Quick and Pup talk, Quick says that they must go, as there is a fat deer leg he has his eye on, and he doesn't want to miss it. Later, when Dog leads a hunt, the patrol hunts for deer. They find a buck, a group of four or five does, and some young calves. Dog wonders how many deer four dogs could take, and the dogs settle into position However, Daring and Brave charge at the buck before Dog gives the command to attack, and all the deer bolt for the forest. Dog orders Noble to go after the does, and he watches as Daring and Brave lunge at the buck's flank. Daring scratches its shoulder and Dog leaps to rake its haunches. He grabs its neck and by the time Noble returns, the deer is almost dead, and the older wolf quickly helps finish them off. Dog is angered at Daring and Brave for attacking without his order, and Daring says that he told them to attack the buck. Dog contradicts that she knows he told them to go for the does, and snarls that they could have had two of them. Daring says that they got a buck thanks to her and Brave, and Dog says that since it's their kill, they should both drag it back to camp. Daring disagrees that dogs are used by longpaws for fetching and carrying, and tells him to carry the buck. When Daring gets out of Dog's challenge, the half-wolf has to carry the buck all the way back to camp. At camp, Dog recalls how Beta had been disappointed that they had only caught one deer.
Dog thinks of how as the trees grow golden, deer grow warier because longpaws ruthlessly hunt them.He remembers how he had once watched them kill a buck with a loudstick, and how the deer had died without a struggle. Resultingly the deer move on. When Quick takes a patrol to hunt, before Dog sees the sheep, he thinks that it smells almost like deer, but different.
Later, when Dog is captured by the Rancher, he eats food in a bowl which is unlike deer or rabbit and tastes strange.




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