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I've heard dogs say that one day, there will be another great battle, when a dog displeases the Earth-Dog. Then, dog will fight against dog, and great heroes will rise and fall.
Lucky's Mother on the Earth-Dog in The Empty City, page 7

The Earth-Dog
Known as
The Earth-Dog[1]

Fierce Dog Pack[1]
Book Appearances
The Empty City, A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided

The Earth-Dog is portrayed as a huge,[3] solid,[3] black,[3] mastiff-like[3] female [2]. She is known for the fatal earthquakes she causes when she growls. Dogs bury prey as offerings to her, and when a dog dies, she claims their body as the earth. Dogs interpret thunder as her growling at Lightning.


In the Storm of Dogs, Lucky's vision described the Earth-Dog as dark-furred[4] and as large as the entire Wild Pack Camp[4]; the Earth-Dog's appearance is not confirmed like all Spirit-Dogs however the afterlife will be revisited in the future arc following the Original Series.[1]


In the Original Series

The Empty City

During one story time, Mother-Dog tells her pups the story of the The Storm of Dogs. She explains that Lightning was the swiftest of the dog warriors but that the Earth-Dog was jealous of Lightning, and believed that he had lived too long. She thought it was time for Lightning to die so that she could take his life force, but Lightning's speed could outrun the Earth-Dog's Growls.
Mother-Dog continues that there came the first great battle, the Storm of Dogs, and Earth-Dog thought that Lightning's life force would be freed and she would take his body rightfully. However, Lightning was cunning and was sure that his speed could help him escape death again, so Earth-Dog laid him a trap. At hearing this, Yip exclaims that that was very mean, but Mother-dog tells her that Earth-Dog was right to claim Lightning, and that when their Sire-Dog died, his body fed the earth too.
Mother-Dog goes on in her story that Lightning tries to escape the Storm of Dogs and is almost free when Earth-Dog sends a Big Growl to open the ground in front of him. Lightning saw the ground open up to swallow him, but couldn't stop because he was running too fast. Lightning feared the Earth-Dog finally had him, but the Sky-Dogs loved Lightning and saved him, whirling him into the sky.
At the end of the story, during the pup's questions, Yowl asks if Lightning will always be there, and Mother-Dog answers that when fire flashes in the sky, it is Lightning running down to the earth and teasing the Earth-Dog, knowing that she will never catch him. She adds that dogs have said that there will be another great battle one day, when a dog displeases the Earth-Dog.
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A Hidden Enemy

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Darkness Falls

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The Broken Path

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The Endless Lake

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Storm of Dogs

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In the Gathering Darkness Series

A Pack Divided

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Dead of Night

The Earth-Dog is mentioned by Lick, who thinks of her Mother-Dog with the Earth-Dog. When the coyotes approach her, from her hiding place she snarls in her head and says that she was not afraid to meet the Earth-Dog.
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In the Novellas

Sweet's Journey

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Moon's Choice

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  • Gillian describes her to be like a solid black mastiff in terms of breed.[3]

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