The Far-Cliff Pack is a competing pack of wolves that live by a far cliff.[1]


They appear to be the Wolf Pack's rivals. Any reason of conflict could be sources of food(with conflict with longpaw hunters) or territory. Wolves have been killed over battles with the Wolf Pack, as seen with Quick's deceased father.[2]


The Far-Cliff Pack fought with the Wolf Pack. Graceful's first mate has died in the battle.[2] The wolf pack members are unknown although the pack has been formed nearby the Wolf Pack, whose territory consists of valleys and pine forests.[3] As it's name suggests, the territory would contain a cliff and as territory biomes are similar within a few mile radius, the Far-Cliff Pack territory could also be hilly and have pine trees.

In the Novellas Arc

Alpha's Tale

Pup mentions the Far-Cliff Pack when he recalls Graceful's first litter, who never forgave her for taking on a dog as a mate after their own father was killed in a battle with the Far-Cliff Pack.

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