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A Pack Divided, Dead of Night

A Floatcage is the dog term for boat.[1]


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In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

Into the Shadows

Daisy sees a floatcage on the Endless Lake and calls the Pack over. Sweet, Lucky, Storm, Mickey, Thorn, and Beetle race over to High Watch. The dogs examine the floatcage for a while and question what the longpaws are doing. Sweet comes to the conclusion that they are fishing, but doesn't know why they need that much fish. Lucky explains that longpaws don't eat that much at once, and instead store their food in cold-boxes to eat later.
Daisy points out that these look more like proper longpaws, unlike the yellow-furred ones. However, Moon, Thorn, and Beetle argue against her, protesting that all longpaws are evil. Lucky suggest that there might be different kinds of longpaws, just like there are different types of dogs. Soon, their discussion is interrupted by the float-cage leaving, and the dogs conclude that it wasn't a threat.
Much later, Storm is on High Watch, watching a float-cage on the water. She debates whether to call for help, but realizes that the longpaws are only fishing. She decides that it wasn't an emergency before hearing a shrieking howl and dashing towards the camp.
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