[Fly] was sitting on his haunches now, his noble head drooping. His lolling tongue looked dry and swollen.
Moon and Star notice Fly's condition in Moon's Choice, page 11
Moon's Pack[1]
Moon's Pack[1]
Names Hunter: Fly[1]
Family Unknown
Rank Positions
Rank Hunter[1]
Deceased (illness)[2]
Book Appearances
Living Moon's Choice
Dead Moon's Choice

Fly is a big,[3] brown-and-white, snub-nosed male dog with long legs.[1]


In the Novellas Arc

Moon's Choice

Fly is introduced as an agile and swift runner, valuable to the pack as a hunter. He first enters in a returning hunting patrol alongside Hunter, Meadow, and Rush. He usually appears as having sad but watchful eyes. He's noticed to look slightly off, foreshadowing of the illness he had caught. As the prey is given and the lead hunter, Hunter, is praised, Fly and the others are criticized by Hunter. Moon is startled, as Fly was a good hunter to have on the patrol with his long legs and agility.
As they settle down to eat, Star notes to Moon that Fly didn't look so well. She frowns at Fly. He was sitting on his haunches, head drooping. His lolling tongue looks dry and cracked. Moon assures her sister that he was probably tired from the hunt and would get better after they all ate.
Later on, he is stuck in his cool and dry den, being coaxed by his Packmates to drink water. He is laying down, panting as if the heat was unbearable. His flanks are hollow and his coat is dull, as crusty discharge oozes from his exhausted eyes. He refuses the drink, much to the urging of his friends. His nose barely twitches. When they then ask him to eat, he doesn't reply. His nostrils flare slightly at the scent of food, but he can't seem to lift his head. His eyes roll, showing the whites, and his tongue flops on the dry earth beneath his muzzle. Meadow stays with Fly as the others flee to see find out that the Wild Pack was in their territory.
Being the first dog to contract the illness in Moon's Choice, the other dogs begin to theorize how he could've caught it. Moon thinks it might be something he ate, but Meadow points out that he ate what all the pack ate.
Fly dies from the sickness, although the cause of it still unknown.


"Fly's den was cool, sheltered from the Sun-Dog's rays by overhanding boughs of pine, but the big brown-and-white dog lay listlessly, panting as if the heat was unbearable. Moon nuzzled his dry nose, anxious. His flanks looked hollow and his coat was dull. A crusty discharge oozed from his exhausted eyes."
—Fly's illness Moon's Choice, page 12

"I brought you this from the stream. Please, Fly, try to drink some."
—Moon trying to get Fly to drink water Moon's Choice, page Chapter 2

"The brown-and-white dog didn't reply. His nostrils flared slightly at the scent of food, but he seemed unable to even lift his head. His eyes rolled, showing the whites, and his tongue flopped onto the dry earth beneath his muzzle."
—Narration on Fly's condition Moon's Choice, page Chapter 2

Meadow: "Can't you eat a little, Fly?"
Moon: "Mabe it was something he ate to start with. Maybe that's why he can't eat now?"
Meadow: "But no other dog got sick. All the prey has been fresh, and there's been nothing we haven't eaten before."
—Moon and Meadow discuss possible sources of Fly's illness Moon's Choice, page Chapter 2

Moon: "But she's so hot. And her breathing is so bad..."
Alpha (MC): "Yes, but Star is young and strong, like Fly. They'll both get better, I promise."
Beta (MC): "Your Father-Dog is right. This invisible enemy strikes sometimes, but it doesn't stay forever. It hurts dogs, but it won't kill them."
Alpha (MC): "Omega. Please bring water for Star. She mustn't get thirsty."
Omega: "All right, Alpha."
Alpha (MC): "And bring more for Fly, too. Keep watch on those two through the night, Omega. They mustn't run out of water."
—Alpha, Star and Beta discuss the current conditions of Fly and Star Moon's Choice, page Chapter 3

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