My only comfort is that he [Whisper] is with Earth-Dog now, running in the Forests Beyond [...] Right after the [Storm of Dogs] battle, I dreamed that I saw all our lost friends, running together as a Pack, in a bright-green land. Alfie, Martha, Spring... Fiery, and little Nose and Wiggle. They were safe and they were happy.
— Lucky speaks about the Forests Beyond in Dead of Night, page 33

The Forests Beyond is a belief started by Lucky that lost packmembers would live in, running together as a Pack in a bright-green land, eternally safe and happy. It would be the equivalent of a heaven.[1]


In the Gathering Darkness arc

Dead of Night

As the dogs are mourning, having buried Whisper, Lucky says that his only comfort was that Whisper was running together with their other lost friends in the Forests Beyond. The dogs are notably confused, including Storm, having never heard Lucky mention this place before.
Lucky mentions that he had visions before the Storm of Dogs, and although he did not have anymore visions after, he saw that their lost friends were running together in a bright-green land, which is what he now deemed the Forests Beyond. Rake speaks up, asking him if Whisper had gone there.
Lucky says that he thought so. Storm wonders to herself whether her littermates Fang, once Grunt, and Wiggle were in Forests Beyond.
Red Moon Rising
When Arrow, Peaceful, and Storm bury Tufty, Arrow mentions the Forests Beyond.

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