We need four dogs to place a paw close to one another, in a sort of circle. Just four dogs. What they say will carry a decision. Don't you see? Say we had to decide which way to travel-- we'd ask four dogs to cast their vote. Where to hunt? Four dogs decide-- together! No dog is in charge and every dog's opinion has a turn to be heard. If we can't get at least four paws-- that is, agreement from four members of the Pack-- we won't move forward with a decision.
Lucky speaking to the Wild Pack in The Endless Lake, page 218

Four Paws is a ruling system created by Lucky in Alpha's absence when the Wild Pack was quarreling over the new leader to take his place. Sweet was an unpopular choice, and although the Pack supported Lucky as their new Alpha, he avoided the responsibility by creating this method instead.[1]


The system works with all of the dogs sharing responsibilities. Whenever a group had to make a decision, four dogs would place a paw close to one another to carry a decision. If, and only when, all four dogs agree will the action be approved. This is meant to replace where an Alpha is needed. Although it has its positives: one being that no dog had to be a servant to another, all dogs regardless of physical power having a voice, and the no ranking system, it also had its negatives.
When Lucky left for Lick, the dogs all assumed Sweet had driven him off. One group wanted her to admit it and made a four-paw decision. However, Sweet countered that by making another four-paw decision, causing a fight to break out. If the dogs are in a hurry, there is also little time to make a vote on account of the Pack.[2]


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