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A fox is a type of animal that has been shown as an enemy to dogs in Survivors.


In Survivors, they are described as gray,[1] thin,[1] and savage.[1] According to Lucky, the foxes in the city are very different from the ones in the forest. The foxes are capable of speaking, although broken, to the dogs, as with all dog-related animals.
In the city, the foxes lurked, scavenged and killed by stealth.[2] The foxes were feral, wily and savage. However, in the Darkness Falls fox battle, Lucky notes that the foxes are different from the ones in the city. In comparison, foxes living off of scraps in the city looked slow and lazy by comparison[3] as the feral wild foxes were too ruthless and cunning.[3]
Real life foxes are solitary hunters that prey on small mammals and birds. However, they are opportunistic hunters and infamous for their adaptability, and will often adjust to their environment and its food, whether it be worms or human leftovers. Foxes are normally red, but some can be found as golden, reddish-brown, silver or black. A fox's thick tail is also used for balance, as a warm cover, or to communicate with other foxes.[4]


In the Original Series

The Empty City

As Lucky is wandering through the destroyed city in search for food, he is attacked by a small group of foxes. Lucky manages to run away into an abandon building and is confronted by the foxes. Before the fight breaks out, Bella and the other Leashed dogs show up and are able to fight off the foxes and save Lucky. The foxes eventually retreat back into the forest away from the dogs.

A Hidden Enemy

In A Hidden Enemy, foxes make a notable mention and appearance.
As Spring dutifully guards the dead deer prized in the prey pile, she mentions there was no trouble catching the deer besides a fox that liked the look of it. She, however, "changed" the fox's mind.
Later on, Bella uses foxes to attack the Wild Pack. However, the foxes betray her. Instead of following her commands, they threaten to eat Moon's pups. The Leashed and Wild Pack realize their battle is against the foxes, so they stop fighting one another to protect every dog. The foxes are able to kill Mulch and Fuzz.

Darkness Falls

Though not making a full appearance, foxes are mentioned.
At Lucky's trial, Bella steps forward, apologizing to Alpha about what she had done. She was duped into believing that the foxes would fight honorably, though she was wrong.

The Broken Path

A fox makes an appearance in this book trapped in the loudcage, captured and experimented on like the rest of the animal captives.
The fox is released along with the other animals by Lucky and his patrol.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

A fox pup is murdered by a dog and left by the Wild Pack forest. Storm comes across this pup just in time to realize the fox pack was coming for revenge against the Wild Pack, who they thought was responsible for the pup's death.
They barge into camp, claiming the dogs were nasty, taking what they wanted in the forest, and doing as they pleased. The foxes called them savages as they fought. Beetle is overwhelmed by the foxes, and needs to be assisted by Thorn and Storm to pull them off him. The leader ceased the fighting as the two forces stared each other down. Moon says they could not have killed their pup, to which the foxes comment that the dogs were lying.
The leader swears they'll be back and that this wasn't over. He calls his pack to him and they disappear into the forest.

Dead of Night

After Whisper's death, the foxes are suspected of murdering him. 
Snap, Storm, Dart, and Thorn find the foxes's camp in a clearing under the ground.
Beetle and Thorn see the foxes together near Twitch's forest and rush back to camp to err their Alpha and Beta. Lucky takes a group of dogs to the fox camp, a d drive them out.
Later, the foxes attack the Wild Pack at their camp, taking their prey as well as destroying their dens. Some of the foxes target the pups. Storm tries to save the pups, but due to exhaustion, she is unable to fight properly. First Moon,and then Breeze save the pups. However, Tumble is still left with a nasty bite on his leg.
Arrow, Bella, and Moon capture Fox Mist. The pack interrogated Fox Mist, with Storm trying to defend her, as Fox Mist is pregnant and the pack wanted to make an exam of her. Finally, Storm, Bella, Arrow, and Mickey are sent to to take her back to the foxes and scar her on the way. However, Storm convinces them to let Fox Mist go unharmed, if Fox Mist promises that the foxes will leave their territory permanently.
Red Moon Rising
Daisy, Moon, and Storm are on a hunt/patrol when they scent a fox. They trap the fox. The fox is Fox Mist, and she immediately recognizes Storm and Mickey, calling them good dogs, and ask them to let her go free again. Storm and Mickey try to deny it, but the damage was done and their secret was out. They let Fox Mist go again.

In the Novellas Arc

Alpha's Tale

When a coyote comes to the Rancher's farm, before Wolf knows what it is, he sniffs the air and realizes that it is not a fox or wolf.

Fox Packs

There are several fox packs that occur in the series.

Notable Fox Packs

Fox Pack in The Empty City

A fox pack composing of four foxes gang on Lucky in order to steal his meal. They are described with scrawny,[5] gray-furred,[5] sharp black noses,[5] mean predatory eyes,[5] and huge pricked ears.[5] After one of them detects Lucky, eyeing him, three more foxes pad in from around the shelving, thin and vicious looking. They exchange glances and look to their Alpha, who has yellow eyes.[5] Although each of them were half the size of Lucky, he was outnumbered and their eyes were sharp. All four of them creep forward, exposing their teeth.
The confident fox pack divided themselves up cleverly in pairs on either flank. They plan to attack from both sides. They formed a circle, closing in. The alpha hisses that he was a silly dog, its voice thick and distorted.[5] Another joins in mockingly, followed by a third.
The Alpha is rushed by Lucky, who knocks him away. He hides underneath a table and blue blanket in a restaurant. The foxes sniff for him, as one notes that the dog was close, and another comments that the meat was also closer. They huff in hungry fox-laughter. Lucky wrinkles his muzzle to think that they were his cousin-kind. One yips that they heard Lucky, and the click of their paws are heard as they close in once more.
They corner him again as he's standing on a platform after running away again. They circle him with grins. They say that he'll have to come down soon enough. Another fox assures them that they'd all eat soon, confirming that at least three of the foxes were male by referring to them all as boys.
At the sound of a sudden growl from a new dog, the foxes turn side to side, ears pricked. Although they initially jeer at the motley crew that was the Leashed Pack, the pack comes to rescue Lucky from the platform, chasing the foxes off.

Fox Pack in A Hidden Enemy

Gray, thin, savage[3] foxes come into the Wild Pack camp. One shows its cruel teeth, tail standing straight up as it reveals it was with Bella against the Wild Pack. At Bella's command, they spring like gray mists onto the Wild Pack. However, the foxes plotted to betray Bella, and six are seen stealing food from the prey pile.[3] They then devour the meager prey, and set their eyes on Moon's pups. One taunts Moon, who comes to her pup's rescue, but she could not fight their hunger.
Although Lucky charged into the fox pack, they bounce back to their paws, flying at him. They draw her away from the den. As Lucky fends off the foxes, two more converge on him, and Lucky hits his head on a rock as he is pushed.
They run off with Fuzz, and retreat back into the forest with the damage already done.

Fox Pack in A Pack Divided and Dead of Night

For more information on this pack, see Fox Pack.

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