No More!
— Fox Ash shrieking defiantly at the Wild Pack in Dead of Night, page 130
Fox Ash
Fox Pack[1]
Fox Pack[1]
Names Member: Fox Ash[1]
Family Unknown
Rank Positions
Rank Unknown
Book Appearances
Living Dead of Night
Dead N/A

Fox Ash is a thin[2] red-furred[3] female[2] fox[1] with black lips,[4] large, red-furred ears,[3] a wide collar of fuzz on the sides of the head,[5] and needle-sharp teeth.[1]


In the Gathering Darkness arc

Dead of Night

Fox Ash appears at the fox camp, hopping onto the trunk of the fallen tree trunk in a graceful movement. The fox is carrying a vole. Her ribs are visible, but she doesn't seem nervous. Fox Ash curls her brush around her paws and places the vole down on the tree trunk. She then glances furtively around the clearing, before leaning down to begin tearing at the prey. Fox Ash throws her head back and swallows the chunks down without even chewing.
The female fox nibbles and tears at the vole, determined to eat every bit of meat she could. After, she lays down with the remains between her paws and chews on the bones for a while. After finishing up the vole carcass, she hops from the tree trunk, licking her black lips. Fox Ash takes a few steps behind a patch of grass, and vanishes into the fox den underneath the fallen tree.
Then, two foxes come out from the forest, Fox Dawn and an unknown, slightly larger female fox without a name. They talk as they pad toward the hole underneath the tree. As the male complains, he sniffs at the remains of the vole Fox Ash finished earlier, and notes that Fox Ash had prey. To this, his female companion shrugs and says that Fox Ash is faster than Fox Dawn.
Later on, Fox Ash is seen confronting the invading Wild Pack patrol consisting of Storm, Arrow, Rake, Mickey, Thorn, Woody, Snap and Lucky. She shrieks that they would no longer tolerate the Wild Pack, and would stand up against them. The foxes leap toward Lucky. Fox Ash is forced to cower at Storm's snapping jaws. She is not mentioned by name during the battle, but she and the other foxes retreat after being driven off by the Wild Pack.


Fox Dawn: "Stupid prey. Stupid fast long-mice..."
Female Fox: "Better tomorrow. No sulking, Fox Dawn. No point."
Fox Dawn: "Fox Ash had prey."
Female Fox: "Fox Ash faster than Fox Dawn. Come on. Den time. Long-mice will be lazy later, full of seeds, sleepy. Catch one then."
—A conversation Fox Dawn has with another fox mentions Fox Ash Dead of Night, pages 81-82

Fox Dawn: "Ours! Ours before yours! Terrible dogs, mad, bad dogs! Kills our cubs, steals our foods!"
Fox Ash: "No more! We stand!"
—When the Fox Pack shouts threats at the Wild Pack Dead of Night, pages 129-130


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