Stupid prey. Stupid fast long-mice...
— Fox Dawn complaining about a lost meal in Dead of Night, page 81
Fox Dawn
Fox Pack[1]
Fox Pack[1]
Names Member: Fox Dawn[1]
Family Unknown
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Rank Unknown
Book Appearances
Living Dead of Night
Dead N/A

Fox Dawn is a skinny male fox.[1]


In the Gathering Darkness arc

Dead of Night

Fox Dawn appears with a slightly larger, unnamed female fox as the two come out of the forest with empty paws. He complains that the stupid prey was fast and mentions long-mice. He is attempted to be comforted by the female fox, who says there's no point in sulking. Fox Dawn points out that Fox Ash had prey when he sniffs at the chewed remains of a vole.
At the female fox's comment that Fox Ash is faster, he gives her a playfully furious snarl, and snaps at her ears. At the female fox's suggestion to go for den time and try again later when the long-mice would be lazy with seeds, they slip inside a concealed hole beneath the tree and disappear.
Later on, when Lucky, Woody, Rake, Snap, Mickey, Thorn, Storm, and Arrow invade and attack the Fox Pack's camp, by their den, Fox Dawn barks back that their home was theirs. He had been the same fox who complained earlier about not catching any prey. He continues to say that it was theirs before the dogs', and that the dogs are terrible, mad, and bad, killing their cubs and stealing their food.
He and the other foxes leap towards Lucky. Fox Dawn's jaws clamp down on Lucky's leg, but he is grabbed by the scruff and torn off. He disappears back into the fray, until he and the fox pack retreat.


Fox Dawn: "Stupid prey. Stupid fast long-mice..."
Female Fox: "Better tomorrow. No sulking, Fox Dawn. No point."
Fox Dawn: "Fox Ash had prey."
Female Fox: "Fox Ash faster than Fox Dawn. Come on. Den time. Long-mice will be lazy later, full of seeds, sleepy. Catch one then."
—Fox Dawn speaks with a female fox Dead of Night, pages 81-21
"Ours! Ours before yours! Terrible dogs, mad, bad dogs! Kills our cubs, steals our foods!"
—Fox Dawn confronts the Wild Pack Dead of Night, page 130

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