Dogs. Dog Storm. Dog... Mi-ckey. Fox Mist promises, dogs lets us go, leaves us whole, foxes go. Goes far away, keeps peace, never returns.
— Fox Mist makes a promise to Storm and Mickey in Dead of Night, page 237-238
Fox Mist
Fox Pack[1]
Fox Pack[1]
Names Member: Fox Mist[1]
Family Mate: Fox Father[2] Pups: Unborn[2]
Rank Positions
Rank Unknown
Book Appearances
Living Dead of Night, Red Moon Rising
Dead N/A

Fox Mist is a small[3] red-furred[4] female fox with thick fur,[5] dark eyes,[6] a bushy tail,[6] and skinny haunches and shoulders.[6]


In the Gathering Darkness arc

Dead of Night

Fox Mist is caught by Arrow, who comes back to the camp with Bella and Moon. She writhes and yelps, held tight by the scruff. She is then put in a prison guarded by Woody and Arrow. She supposedly howled all morning, trying to get them to let her out.
As Storm switches out and guards the cage made of branches, the fox paces around and around in the tiny space. She has a high-pitched muttering voice, murmuring to herself that she would not stay here, and that they would return home to Fox Father. She speaks to her cubs, and Storm realizes that she is pregnant.
A day later, the dogs return to interrogate her. She stops moving a little while before they do so, breathing softly and occasionally cursing all the dogs. Sweet orders Woody to break the cage and release the fox for them to punish. In a flash of puffed-up red fur, Fox Mist leaps to her paws, and gives a snarling hiss while backing away to huddle against the trunk of the tree. Her bushy tail is fluffed up and wrapped around to hide most of her body, which is only about as big as Sunshine's. Her sides are round.
When Sweet announces herself, Fox Mist does not reply, her ears flattened to her skull. Her eyes are wide and dark. She continues to speak, growling that the foxes attacked them for the last and they demande to know the truth on why they tried to hurt their pups and kill Whisper.
Fox Mist's ears twitch, but she hides her muzzle behind her tail and says nothing to Sweet's list of crimes. At Woody's threats to speak or else, a rumbling growl comes from Fox Mist, and she presses herself tighter against the trunk of the tree, not saying a word. At Storm's prompt for her name, Fox Mist stares at her, eyes narrowing but fear ebbing. At Storm's introduction of her Packmates, she lets out a snort and ruffles the fur on her tail. She mutters about dogs, and seems to consider for a moment. She raises her head just enough that her muzzle is visible, and tells them her name is Fox Mist. She looks thoughtfully at Storm, saying she had a true name, whereas she said "Bella" was not.
She shrinks back when Sweet begins to growl. She denies the crimes Sweet accused her off, claiming that the dogs were responsible for stealing, killing, and taking the fox's den. She sits up clumsily, flicking her tail and facing Alpha with indignant pride.
She denies that the foxes killed Whisper as well, asking lowly and uncertainly. She snarls that she does not know what they are talking about, and states that the foxes only finished what the dogs started. The dogs then howl to kill her.
She snarls that she did nothing to the dogs. Her voice is shaking as she explains that the foxes only hurt the dogs as much as the dogs hurt them. She promises that the foxes would leave with no more attacks if they let her go.
Sweet silences her, saying that they will make an example of her anyways. Fox Mist scrabbles back, panic in her eyes. When it is revealed that Fox Mist is pregnant, Sweet seems indifferent still, since her pups were threatened by the foxes.
When Lucky suggests they scar Fox Mist, she hisses that she did nothing to the dogs, panic rising in her voice. Fox Mist is taken with Arrow, Bella, Storm, and Mickey out into the forest to be scarred.
The journey is long and miserable, the skies cloudy and gray. Fox Mist walks slowly, surrounded tightly by the dogs so she could not escape. She whimpers occasionally from fear or exhaustion. Fox Mist stumbles, making the dogs halt. Mickey urges her on, emotionless. She takes another step forward, making another whimpering sound.
Then, she turns quickly and tries to escape, throwing herself between Arrow's paws and slipping under his belly. She is caught by Bella, who seizes her by the scruff like a pup.
Finally, they reach a far enough destination. When Storm insists they cannot carry through these plans, Fox Mist glances up at her, a terrible hope growing in her eyes. When Bella mentions her alliance with the foxes, her ears turn to Bella in surprise.
Suddenly, she says that she promises if they let her go that the foxes will go far away, keep peace, and never return. Fox Mist promises Storm to mention how merciful the dogs were, and how they did not kill an innocent fox or her cubs, that they just want peace. Fox Mist swishes her bushy tail enthusiastically. When Mickey commands her to go, she takes off faster than a rabbit. Her small body is low to the ground. She vanishes into the undergrowth without looking back.

Red Moon Rising

Fox Mist is near the Wild Pack. Storm, Mickey, and Daisy hear her and capture her, pinning her down. Fox Mist recognizes Storm and Mickey, calling them good dogs, and asking them to let her go again as they did before. Fox Mist then mentions that she saw Bruno die, and Storm asks her on which dog it was. Fox Mist shrugs, saying that all dogs seem to be the same size to her, but that the dog was about the size of Daisy. The dogs then let her go.


"Not stay here. Nasty dogs, bad dogs. We go. We get out. Home to Fox Father. We get home, cubs."
—Fox Mist speaking to herself and her cubs Dead of Night, pages 220-221

Storm: "What is your name?"
Woody: "Why are you asking its name? What does it matter? It's not a dog."
Storm: "My name is Storm. This is Arrow. This is Lucky. That-- that is Bella. What is your name?"
Fox Mist: "Dogs... Fox Mist is I. Stupids. What names? What is 'Bella'? You [Storm]. At least you has a true name."
—Storm asks Fox Mist for her name Dead of Night, pages 226-227

Sweet: "Fox Mist, then. You have attacked our Pack, hurt our pups, and killed one of our dogs. What do you say to that?"
Fox Mist: "Dogs kill! Dogs kill cubs, attacks foxes! No reason, but for vicious! Dogs attack. Dogs steal. Dogs takes everything. Takes and takes and takes. No dens, no prey. What do foxes do? They takes back."
—Fox Mist to Sweet Dead of Night, page 227

Twitch: "And what about Whisper? What did we do to you that meant you had to lure an innocent dog out of camp and kill him?"
Fox Mist: "What dogs? What kill?"
Woody: "You know what dog! His name was Whisper, he was gray and short-furred, and he was a good dog. And you evil not-dogs killed him in the woods, in the middle of the night, and left his body for us to find!"
Fox Mist: "Knows not. Foxes knows not evil. Knows only survive. Dogs comes to fox place, kills Cub Fire at dog place. Now dog dies at dog place... dogs say foxes kill? Foxes not. Dogs begin. Foxes only finish."
—Fox Mist denies the accusations Dead of Night, page 228

Ruff: "We should kill it. We must have revenge for Whisper!"
Storm: "We can't. She's our prisoner. That would be murder."
Twitch: "Woody, Ruff. I know that you miss Whisper. I do too. But we're not Fierce Dogs-- we can't kill a creature who is under our protection."
Fox Mist: "Fox Mist does nothing to dogs. Only breaks twigs, only to hurt dogs home as dogs hurt fox home! Dogs let Fox Mist go... foxes leave, no more attacks."
—Fox Mist asks the dogs to let her go Dead of Night, pages 228-229

Lucky: "We should mark this fox. Scar it, like Tumble will be scarred, so that the foxes will always remember what they did and know that if they attack us again, they will suffer the same."
Fox Mist: "Does nothing to dogs. Nothing! Dogs hurt foxes, for nothing."
—Lucky decides Fox Mist's fate Dead of Night, page 232

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