Giantfur (Bear)

Dog Terms


Human Terms

Bear (Grizzly Bear and Black Bear)

Book Appearances

Alpha's Tale, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided

Giantfur is a mammal that appears in Survivors. It is a dog term that means Bear,[1] identifying only black bears and brown bears so far.[2][3]


Giantfurs in Survivors are described as huge beasts with thick,[3] black,[3] or brown[2] glossy,[4] shaggy fur,[3] a broad,[3] short-tailed body,[3] round ears,[3] beady, black, [5] small eyes,[3], a small, pointed muzzle,[5], a snout the color of scorched earth,[3] sharp teeth,[5] a massive head,[6] and huge paws with long,[3] pointed,[7] jagged claws.[3] The exact species of a giantfur in Survivors has yet to be specified.
Real life Black Bears range from "pure white to a cinnamon color to very dark brown or black."[8] Most black bears are black, however. They have dark small eyes, longish ears, short claws for climbing and an inconspicuous tail.[9] Some bear a white mark on their chest.[10]
Real life American Brown bears can range from dark brown, cream,[11] beige,[12] yellowish-brown[13] to almost black.[14] This species of bear can reach weights of 350kg in males and 200kg in females.[15] They have a distinctive hump of muscle between their shoulders that gives them upper body strength.[16]


In the Original Series

Darkness Falls

When the Wild Pack is escaping and searching for new shelter, Dart tells Lucky of the tales she was told of giantfurs.
Near the end of the book, Daisy, Grunt, Lick, and Wiggle encounter another giantfur. Alpha and Lucky watch from a distance until Alpha gives Lucky permission to aid the group. Grunt, however, believes that they were to teach the predator a lesson and barks at the Giantfur, further provoking it. After being scolded, the dogs are able to get rid of the giantfur.

Storm of Dogs

After the Growl, Whisper is trapped by a brown shaggy-furred Giantfur. The Wild Pack comes to his rescue. Lucky and Storm distract the Giantfur by barking at her. They infuriate the giantfur, and the giantfur returns a few swipes of her long claws. The dogs decide to appease the giantfur instead of angering her and they look away, lower their hackles and stay silent.
This silences the giantfur enough to dig the trapped dog out in time. After the dogs back off, the giantfur moves aside branches and debris to make room for her cave's entrance.
The same giantfur is revisited by Whisper, Sweet and Lucky to anger her and lead her to the incoming Fierce Dog army to dwindle their numbers. Whisper runs off to warn the others and Sweet and Lucky are left to anger the giantfur and run off while the giantfur pursuits them. At first, the giantfur's brows furrowed in confusion but she galloped after them with fierce speed.
Lucky hides over a fence, waiting for the giantfur to catch her breath and be distracted by Sweet, whose plan is to lead the giantfur into the Fierce Dog army. The giantfur chases after Sweet again and their plan is successful. The giantfur tears into the Fierce Dog army, attacking the Fierce Dogs. Their numbers are dwindled as some Fierce Dogs are wounded and Blade barks commands to kill the giantfur before she murdered them all.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

A black she-bear with pups chases down Storm, Woody, Mickey, and Whisper on their hunting patrol. She is outraged since the dogs decided to steal her kill while she was absent: a tusknose.
She charges after them until they hide under prickly thorns, hoping that the sharp bristles would deter the bear and ward her off. The giantfur swipes at their shelter before huffing and giving up.
The dogs are scolded by Lucky later on for their impulsive and reckless decision to meddle with a giantfur's kill.

In the Novellas Arc

Alpha's Tale

When Pup stalks a weasel, he thinks that soon he will be hunting deer, and perhaps even giantfurs. The pup thinks that he could take either of them.
Later, Wolf hears a pup squealing, and goes to help it, but finds himself nose-to-nose with a giantfur. It roars loudly and shifts on its massive paws, and Wolf sees that beneath in, a pup is trapped. Wolf is furious, and he lunges between the giantfur and pup, snarling at the giantfur. The creature blinks and roars again, and it goes back on its hindpaw, baring its teeth, but Wolf lunges forward and bites its shoulder deeply. The giantfur squeals in rage and tries to scratch Wolf, and the wolf-dog falls back, but attacks the creature again, nipping at its neck. The giantfur growls and snaps it teeth, then suddenly drops onto tall fours and runs into the bushes. Wolf thinks that he was rash, as no dog or wolf should fight a giantfur.
Wolf scolds the pup that the giantfur could have killed them both, and the pup says that he is all alone. Wolf thinks that a pup that size should not be left alone in the forest with giantfurs and other predators. When Wolf agrees to let him come along, he tells him that he must not pester giantfurs.


  • In southern British Colombia on the Kermodi Island, white Black Bears are reverred by natives and called "spirit bears."[17]
  • Giantfurs have been called Bears in The Empty City. This is a continuity error.[18]

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