What are they? I've never seen such a long neck!
— Thorn prods the dead body of a goose in Storm of Dogs, page 10

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Storm of Dogs

A goose is a bird hunted as prey in Storm of Dogs.[1]


A large bird with pale, tawny feathers tipped with gray. It also has a long, black neck and black face with thick white marks beneath its beak. Giant packs of them are seen flying across the Endless Lake.[1]


In the Original Series

Storm of Dogs

After Lucky catches a goose, he observes the large packs of geese flying overhead and wonders how they all know where to go. He notes that they are all graceful in flight, but waddle awkwardly on the ground. He then returns to camp with Storm who has caught another goose, when they get back Beetle and Thorn observe the bird's long neck and say the Spirit Dogs must have been on Lucky's side for him to have caught the goose. Moon then tells them the bird is called a goose. The pack then eats both geese, starting with Sweet and ending with Sunshine.

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