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Alpha's Tale, The Endless Lake

A horse is an animal that is mentioned and appearing briefly in the Survivors series.[1][2]


Horses according to Survivors have been described as huge brown creatures[2] taller than Martha,[3] that have bony legs, muscular bodies and thighs, large brown eyes, firm legs, stumpy, round paws, and narrow faces. Horses also have short, glossy fur, and hair that runs down its long neck and its tail. Its tail swishes, whereas its ears twist back and forth.[3] The animal emits a high-pitched whickering sound. It has been described with a great head and a rabbit-like smell, which comes from its grass-eating diet. Its fur also has a pepper scent. Horses are observed to have great speed and deadly looking "paws." It eats scraggly grass and has square teeth.[4]
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In the Original Series

The Endless Lake

A horse is seen at the edge of a river and drumming across the land. Bella whispers that it smells delicious, and Storm nods, saying aloud that they could catch it. Lucky, however, thinks that it would easily outrun them.

In the Novellas Arc

Alpha's Tale

After Dog is captured by the Rancher, he feels homesick, and can't smell sagebrush, juniper, or pine resin. Dog only smells the overwhelming stink of horse and sheep hide, metal, and sawn wood.

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