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Hunter is ranked below Beta or Third Dog, and part of the pack hierarchy.[1]


Hunters hunt once a day and must bring back a reasonable prey haul.[2] If any dog is caught eating prey during the hunt, the Alpha and Beta have the right to punish them and/or banish them.[2] The rank of Lead Hunter is directly below the position of Beta.[3] If there is any trouble, a patrol dog will go and retrieve the hunters to fight off the intruders.[2] If female hunters are caring for pups, they temporarily become patrol dogs, until their pups are fully grown.[2]
The hunters must be able to communicate well with each other during a hunt so they are can work together.[2] A hunter is also a skilled fighter, as well as fast and swift.[2] Like all pack dogs, they can be demoted ranks to a patrol dog, or perhaps even Omega.[2] A hunter can challenge another hunter so they can be a higher-ranking member if they wish to. The hunters eat after the Beta or Third Dog.[2]

Notable Hunters


The following are duties that must be performed by the Hunters and are exclusive to that rank:
  • Finding prey to kill and bring back to feed the Pack
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