Into the Shadows


Survivors: The Gathering Darkness

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Gillian Philip

Date Released

Hardcover: February 7th, 2017[2]
Paperback: n/a
eBook: February 7th, 2017[3]


Hardcover: ISBN 9780062343413[2]
Paperback: ISBN n/a
eBook: ASIN n/a[3]

Preceded by

Dead of Night

Succeeded by

Red Moon Rising

Additional Information


Into the Shadows is the third book in The Gathering Darkness arc. It is set to release on February 7th, 2017.[4] Breeze is the brown dog featured on the cover.[5] Nibble is beside her, with Tumble in the background.[6] Storm is to the left of Breeze, and Bruno is behind Tumble.[7]

The Blurb

Darkness threatens the Wild Pack in this thrilling new Survivors adventure! Into the Shadows is the third book in the second arc of the bestselling Survivors series, from #1 nationally bestselling author Erin Hunter.

United, a Pack can face any threat. Divided, they will fall.

There is a traitor in the midst of the Wild Pack, and tensions—and suspicions—keep rising. Storm is determined to protect her Pack…but if they don’t find the traitor soon, there may be nothing left for her to protect.
Survivors’s winning blend of epic action, canine friendship, and animal folklore has earned it rave reviews, including two starred reviews from Kirkus Reviews, which praised the series as “wild and wonderful adventure.” This action-packed second arc is perfect for both new readers and existing fans who’ve been howling for more of the Wild Pack!


Coming Soon

Publication List

  • Into the Shadows (EN), HarperCollins (Hardcover), February 7 2017[8]
  • Into the Shadows (EN), HarperCollins (E-Book), February 7 2017[9]

References and Citations

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