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"I'm a Lone Dog. I have to be on my own."
Lucky in The Empty City, page 263
Stray dog

Lone Dog is the term for dogs meaning a stray or wild dog that isn't living in a pack or with something. Lone Dogs cannot live in a Pack or with other dogs, or with Longpaws.


Lone Dogs have many reasons to become lone dogs. Most reasons seen in the series so far are because of dogs being abused or abandoned by their longpaws. Some other reasons are that the dog was born wild or left a pack, both which happened before. Lone Dogs must adapt to the wild and/or city/town, and learn how to hunt for themselves, not relying on any other dogs, though they do make friends and help each other sometimes, though it is rare. They can live anywhere as long as they can survive, and lone dogs from the city are sometimes referred to as 'city dogs'.

Though not many are mentioned in the book, there are probably many out there. 

Lone dogs can be any gender, age, breed, size, etc. These things do not restrict them to not being lone dogs.

Some of the lone dogs may come on some good terms with longpaws (ex. Lucky and the Food House longpaw).


In the Original Series

The Empty City

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A Hidden Enemy

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Darkness Falls

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Though not relying on any other dogs, some dogs may mentor a certain dog (ex. Old Hunter mentoring Lucky on the ways of being a Lone Dog)

The Lone Dogs

  • Old Hunter: Old Hunter is a lone dog from the City. He is friends with Lucky and also mentored him.
  • Ferret Tooth: An old lone dog who lived in the City. He begged for food at the Food House. One cold and bitter day, he laid down in the Park for the night and never got up. The frost had killed him, and though Lucky hadn't seen his body, he was said to be cold and hard as ice.
  • Lucky (formerly): Before finding the Leashed dogs, Lucky was a lone dog; or city dog; who lived in the City. He was friends with Old Hunter, who also mentored him.
  • Twitch (formerly): After leaving the Wild Pack, Twitch set off on his own as a Lone Dog. He was fine, and eventually found a new pack which in The Endless Lake he became the Alpha of.
  • Sweet (formerly): When Lucky and Sweet set off, Sweet was a lone dog for a period of time before she found the Wild Pack.
  • Mickey (formerly): After the Wild Pack left their territory, Mickey went back to the city to look for his Longpaws. During the period of time before Lucky found him, Mickey was a Lone Dog.
  • Wind (legendary/legend): Wind was originally Omega of her pack, but she respected Forest Dog, so when her pack was attacked in the Storm of Dogs, Forest Dog helped. After that she became a Lone Dog, the only company of her friend Forest Dog.
  • There was another Lone Dog who was mentioned, however his name not said. Lucky recalled how though he was small, he was great at scaring Longpaws (humans).

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