The longpaws-- where were they?
Lucky's thoughts in The Empty City, page 11

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Alpha's Tale, Sweet's Journey, The Empty City, A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided

Longpaw is the dog term for human.[1]


In the city, the longpaws live in packs.[2] Some longpaws keep Leashed Dogs with them, feeding them and giving them water and shelter.[3] They come in various sizes, shapes and colors.[4] Before going out to walk, they take skin covers(shoes) and put them above the bottom paws.[5] They also play with their dogs using balls, and gloves.[6]
In the city, longpaws also held dogs captive in the Traphouse,[7] served food for other longpaws in Food houses,[8] and drove in loudcages.[9] As well as taking care of captured dogs, longpaws also took away dead City Dogs.[10] But deceased Leashed Dogs are often buried, sometimes with flowers or stones on top.[11] They lived next to city streets, near gardens and reside in tall seemingly indestructible homes.[2]

Types of Longpaws

Longpaw-Healer: the vet that healed injured Leashed Dogs.[12]
Yellow-fur Longpaws: unfriendly longpaws with yellow shiny fur (outfits) that have been sighted after the first Big Growl, inspecting the environment of the city and around it.[13][14]
Orange-fur Longpaws: longpaws found wearing orange pelts and shiny, hard shells covering their heads. They are seen sweeping the dirt and calling to each other as they fix the longpaw town.[15]


In the Original Series

The Empty City

In the beginning, the dogs are traveling an empty city devoid of longpaw life. It appears that the longpaws had fled before the sudden Big Growl. A longpaw is found at the Food House, however, they were caught in the earthquake and perished. The next longpaw encounter is one living in a wooden house with their Fierce Dog.
Following, yellow longpaws appear to inspect the ruined land and test the ground. Some longpaw hunters are still out and about, shooting deer.

A Hidden Enemy

Lucky remembers longpaws from the city and the pets of the longpaws begin to miss their owners. They encounter longpaw relics in the forest and old parks belonging to longpaws. Yellow-fur longpaws are also sighted on a marshy plain with yellow loudcages eating the earth. Lucky is about to be captured by a yellow-fur longpaw but Alpha's howl distracts him and Lucky escapes.

Darkness Falls

The longpaws are not encountered, but instead have their old homes revisited. The Dog Garden, once controlled by longpaws to train Fierce Dogs, is wild and unruly with foliage. An old longpaw house Mickey revisits crumbles.

The Broken Path

Longpaws appear capturing coyotes, foxes, and other animals of the forest, including dogs like Fiery. They feed them a poison that turned their blood yellowish and sickly, a sickness that weakened them from the inside after capturing them in nets. Longpaws with sticks come to their loudcages as Wild Dogs try to rescue the captive animals. They shoot a dog, and are not seen again in the book.

The Endless Lake

Longpaws are inspecting a village by the endless lake to see if it's fit for inhabiting with longpaws again. The Wild Dogs sense another Big Growl and warn the longpaws of the impending doom, to which they are oblivious of.
They escape into loudbirds.

Storm of Dogs

Longpaws do not appear in the book except for their structures and buildings. The longpaws are trapped at the endless lake.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

Longpaws appear in loudbirds, scanning the forests. They frighten away the Wild Dogs, whose caught prey is mysteriously taken.
Along the endless lake, floatcages are seen in the water.


  • Gillian has said that the longpaws did not want to leave their dogs while evacuating, but were forced to on such a short notice.[16]

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